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May 13, 2013

Author Interview: J.K. Coi

Author, J.K. Coi
J.K. Coi is in a league of her own in the Paranormal Romance genre.  Her writing is descriptive, provocative, inspiring and steamy.  Reading her work did more than simply entertain me; it engaged and enraptured me.

As a reader, one of my first introductions to Paranormal Romance was made through reading J.K. Coi's My Immortal; her first title in the Immortal Series.  I was hooked from the start, and continued reading the remainder of her available series - Immortal Kiss and Dark Immortal.

I am thrilled to announce that, finally, there is another addition to this wonderful series!  J.K. Coi's newest release, Forever Immortal, is due to for release Wednesday, May 15.  

Even more exciting is J.K. has agreed to sit down with me for a detailed interview to discuss her upcoming new release, as well giving you the opportunity to learn a little something about her! 

Today, I am displaying Forever Immortal and here is my amazing interview with Paranormal great, Author J.K. Coi!

Q:        What originally inspired you to become an Author; did you always want to be an   author?  Why did you choose to write in the genre of Paranormal Romance?

A:       I’ve been a huge reader my entire life, and I started writing way back in high school. I won my first literary contest when I was in grade 10, with a story about a rabbit in the forest. I guess it was about six years ago when I decided to try and take a lifelong love of writing to the next level, by submitting my work to publishers.

And I’ve just always gravitated to paranormal and horror because those are the genres I read and feel most comfortable with—although I do write a lot in other genres as well, including contemporary romance.

Q:       Which Author has offered the most inspiration to you, in your writing?  Why?

A:     I take inspiration from many different places, and all of the authors on my “keeper shelf” inspire me with their fantastic stories. I also greatly admire the authors in the Toronto Romance Writers who are very generous with their time and experience, and are always willing to lend a hand to new authors with questions. Kelley Armstrong is one of those authors, and she has truly been my inspiration. Not only is she wildly successful, but she’s also one of the most genuine and giving authors I have ever met.

Q:        If you could work with any Author, who would it be and

A:     I do not know if I would be able to work with another author, LOL. I am pretty anal about my work and it is very hard to find someone who shares your process enough to make it work together in the same project. I envy those writers who have found a co-writing partner because if you can make it work, that would be a very rewarding partnership.

Q:      What is a typical working day like for you?  When and where do you write?  Do you set a daily writing goal?

A:      I do set a word goal every day, which can be flexible depending on the amount of time I have to my deadline, or the amount of writing time I am going to have for the day. Since I work a day job, I write a little bit on my lunch hour, and then I will do most of my writing in the evening after kiddo has gone to bed. I do not often get a lot of writing done on weekends, since I spend that time with the family. This makes me a very slow writer, but I balance everything the best I can.

Q:       What advice could you offer to someone who is interested in becoming an Author?

A:      I have been asked this a lot and my opinion is not to rush it. I know that with the easy availability of self-publishing many authors are jumping into the publishing arena with both feet—and that’s not a bad thing at all—I just want to urge writers to do everything they can to ensure their very best work is being put out there. If that means taking some writer’s courses, then great. If it means revising and revising and revising again, then do it. Because if writing is going to be your career, you have a reputation to protect. For an author, reputation is at least 80% about the quality of books they offer to readers.

Q:      You have written three books so far in your Immortal Series - Immortal Duty, Immortal Kiss and Dark Immortal; which book did you enjoy writing the most? Why?

A:       I can honestly say that I enjoyed all of them. I think Immortal Duty will always have a special place in my heart because it was my very first book. However, I loved the back and forth between Max and Baron in Immortal Kiss, and the emotional punch of Dark Immortal. The last book in this series, Forever Immortal, is the book I HAD to write because Gideon was always in the back of my head, whispering to me. Having said that, now that I have written Forever Immortal, I am excited to write the next story too.

Q:       Of all of your books, which did you find the hardest (or easiest) to write?  Why?

A:      Every book is difficult for me. When I am in the middle of a writing project, I get really caught up in it. I am a worrier, and I worry that the conflict is not dark enough, the motivation is not deep enough, and the plot is not fast enough. If I did not have the support of awesome critique partners who keep me going, I would probably never finish anything.

Q:    Can you please tell the readers something about your upcoming book, Forever Immortal, due out May 15? 

A:      As soon as I finished writing the first book in this series, Forever Immortal was going to be book 2, but then I realized that Gideon was not quite ready for his own book and there were a few Immortals who had to come before him. However, from the very beginning, I knew what his story was going to be and I even wrote half of it before I started Immortal Kiss or Dark Immortal. When it was finally time to write this book, Forever Immortal was supposed to be the last book in the series, but everything was twisted and now I know there has to be at least one more.

In the meantime, though, here is the blurb for Forever Immortal

Eight years ago, science and reason ruled Gideon Bennett’s life. Until the death of an Immortal triggered a physical transformation, forcing him out of the laboratory and into a world of violence for which he was ill prepared. Now a seasoned warrior, he is still haunted by his one massive failure—and the face and body of the woman he could not save.

Lyssa James was not looking for trouble when she set out to enjoy a night on the town. Instead, she got a first-class ticket to a demon Hell dimension where she was trapped for eight long years. Now she has finally escaped…only to run into the man who failed her. The passion between them is instant and irresistible, but neither of them is the same person they were eight years ago. In addition, even as they battle with their desire, one of the nastiest demons from the Abyss is on the loose, threatening not only their lives but also the future of humans.

Q:       What is your favorite part of the book?

A:     Gideon and Lyssa have such a tortured relationship, I wanted to make sure there were some lighter moments between them, and those ended up being my favorite parts!

Here is a short excerpt from one of those moments that shows both the light and the dark

Gideon stalked over to the refrigerator and pulled it open. “What would you like to eat? I can make pretty much anything.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” She had not eaten a real meal in over eight years. How was she supposed to make a choice like that?

“Look,” he told her, his tone very serious. “You tell me what you want, and I’ll make it. Anything you want.”

“You don’t have to—”

“Yes,” he interrupted, “I do.”

She looked into his eyes and sighed. Nyx did not like that he felt responsible for what had happened to her, especially when she wasn’t even sure that she blamed him.

She wished that she did, because not hating him meant that maybe they did not have to be enemies, that she might start to let her guard down.

That made everything more complicated. Why couldn’t he be a cruel and ruthless warrior who wanted her dead? Her own choices would have been so much simpler.

“Do you have any lettuce?” she asked, suddenly knowing exactly what she wanted.

Lettuce?” He looked incredulous. “I’m offering to make you absolutely anything you want, and you ask me for lettuce?”

“No. Not just lettuce.” She could picture the salad in her head and her mouth started to water in anticipation. “What I really want is a salad. A salad with crisp, fresh lettuce, maybe some baby spinach and bean sprouts, pine nuts and mandarin wedges thrown in, with a raspberry dressing.”

Gideon stared, his mouth hanging open. “Um…that’s actually pretty specific. I was thinking you were going to say you wanted a nice juicy steak and maybe a baked potato. You know…for the protein and energy.”

Nyx laughed—a real laugh. “Only a guy would come out of hell and ask for a steak. Do you know what kind of plants grow in a place like that?” She raised her eyebrows at his incredulous expression. “None. The only bio-matter comes from the stunted, scraggly weeds that push their way through the dry cracks in the rocks and dusty earth every once in a while. But then the air is so hot and dry, and there’s barely any water, so even those poor withered stalks die within days. And forget finding any fruit or vegetables.”

“Then what did you eat?”

Nyx was suddenly ashamed. She didn’t want him to know the animal she had become in that place. Gideon’s expression was inscrutable. She thought she sensed a trace of disgust in his voice, and it hurt to think that he might disapprove of how she had been forced to survive.

Then came anger. She’d like to see him to do any better faced with the same set of circumstances.

Gideon must have sensed her discomfort, because he let the matter drop without another word, easily moving back to her dinner request. “Well, if it’s a salad you want, I can definitely do that.” He turned to the refrigerator and started pulling things out and setting them on the countertop. “I should have everything except for the raspberry dressing. Since when did raspberry become a salad dressing anyway? Whatever happened to plain old ranch dressing? And what’s with the oranges? I didn’t even know you could put fruit in a salad.”

He sounded so normal, mumbling to himself like that, so much like a typical man. Maybe she could do this. Maybe all she had to do was pretend to be normal too, and eventually it would be true.

Q:        What question have you most wanted to be asked in an interview?

A:       “Do you want to know the winning lottery numbers?”
My answer – “YES!” LOL

Thanks Shelbie for the great interview!! I have had a ton of fun with your questions!

JK Coi

My sincerest thanks to J.K. Coi for taking the time to share with us!  I am anxiously awaiting the release of Forever Immortal

If you are interested in learning more about J.K. Coi, her Immortal Series, or any of her other work, below are links where you can find it all!

Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing this wonderful experience with me!  Please excuse the errors in the formatting - no matter what I did, I simply could not get things to line correctly!

Shelbie =)

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Forever Immortal:  http://www.ellorascave.com/forever-immortal.html

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