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November 19, 2013

It just amazes me that people will not stand ground when it's needed!!  I am so angry right now...I had to visit my blog, getting all the details out of my head, as writers are wont to do, but in short, I took my very sick cat to a local vet and received poor care.  They performed an x-ray on her, for whatever reason, long before blood work or other diagnostics.  The doctor told me to go home, wait for her call on the results of the x-ray.  Meanwhile, my cat was getting sicker and sicker by the minutes.
I called, telling the vet she was going downhill and fast, only to have them tell me to "wait for the radiologist report," which was supposed to be in by 5pm that day.  Well, the NEXT day there was still nothing and I had a cat who was so sick, she wouldn't even stand to use the box.
Instead of wait longer, watching my cat crash before me, my Mom and I started running searches of local animal hospitals, looking for one which was rated good.  I didn't want to put her through more tests than was necessary, or risk taking her to another quack.  Literally.  Perrinville Animal Hospital was the one we were referred to.
Upon first calling, I explained the situation, had a very sick cat, x-rays done at other clinic, getting worse, etc.  They told me to bring her in asap, which I did.  Upon exam, the vet at Perrinville told me (and my Mom who went with me for support, after all Mushy is my furry baby), she was very sick (obvious) and she was worried about her not eating especially.  
Apparently, fat cats (yes, she's fluffy) when ill and stop eating, can go into a syndrome known as "fatty liver syndrome."  New one on me.  Never knew.  After discussing her treatment plan with Dr. Rehberger, I specifically asked her if she would have selected to perform an x-ray in this case.  She told me - point blank - she saw "no reason to perform an x-ray."  Instead, she did (what I thought would have been routine) blood work, fluids, etc. 
Now, to current, the first clinic is sending me a huge radiologist bill, and I am disputing it through my bank. My bank needs a letter from Dr. Rehberger stating she would not have selected x-ray as a first-line treatment...would she?  
Nope.  I wasn't asking anything extreme of her - simply her medical opinion.  Would you have performed an x-ray in this case?  Of course, she wouldn't even call me personally to tell me, but had her office staff make the call.  It's great to be wonderful to animals, but what about people? I've just had it with people's unwillingness to stand up for what's right.
I understand a vet not wanting to be pit against another, after all the whole price-fixed system works for a reason, but I wasn't asking this.  I was asking for a basic letter, to my BANK (not even listing the name of the other vet) stating she would not have chose x-ray for my putty-tats treatment.
Worse?  She passed along, through her office staff, that she didn't even remember me mentioning another clinic, an x-ray, etc.  Way to try and back out of it completely.  Funny how she didn't "remember" anything about their being another clinic, or an x-ray performed there, yet she wouldn't write a simple letter of treatment for me?  Hmmm.  Seems strange to have a problem, writing a letter saying "No, I would not have used x-ray as part of this feline's treatment program."  Doesn't it?
I am so tired of the whole, damned thing!  People out there want others to stand in their corner, stand for what is JUST AND RIGHT, but they are not willing to do the same.  How, can the world we live in, possibly improve when people treat others as nothing more than an object?  Something to take what you need from, but never to give.
Fortunately for me, I kept all of her original paperwork, including the original proposed treatment plan she gave me, which had no where on it the words X-RAY.  So, she doesn't want to stand up for what's right?  Fine.  I will use her treatment plan.  After all, wouldn't you say if she had planned, or thought an x-ray was part of a normal treatment plan, that she would have put it on the proposed treatment plan?  But, guess what?  It's not there!
Sadly, my opinion of the clinic has now changed.  While they did wonderful with my cat, they failed on all fronts with the people.  I need someone who can do both.  Maybe I am asking too much?  Maybe there isn't the magic, wonderful vet out there who can work with both animals and people successfully?  
I am reminded of what one of my best friends told me, when our daughter's were in Kindergarten...the teachers are so incredible, dealing with these young children, but when they have a parent in front of them, having to work with them one-on-one, SOME of them simply crash and burn.  They have become so accustomed to dealing with one specific subset, they cannot transition to another.
Is that the case here?  I am saddened so, because we had a wonderful vet.  We trusted his care and he was great dealing with us of the two-legged variety as well.  That was another lovely surprise I had when taking my cat to the first clinic.  I didn't find out it had been 1)sold 2)changed completely 3)prices raised 4)completely different vet until I walked in the damned door.  
Now you tell me?  Bait and switch?  They still answered the phone (the old clinic's) name...until I made a comment on them baiting people in...the next call I placed to them (2 hours later seeking friggen x-ray reports), they were suddenly answering the phone using their new name.
Now, Perrinville Animal Hospital has lost my faith in honesty as well.  After all, if it is more important for the doctor to NOT write the letter for me, thus helping the other clinic, what does this say to me about where their priorities lay?  Money.  
I know people...we all need money, but honestly forsaken for money?  I have NO respect for anyone who would forsake their honor for a dollar.  NONE.
Jesus people!  Be honest!  Stand for what's right, not just what will save your ass!
Thanks for reading my rant!  I was just so damned pissed, I had to have an outlet.  Plus, there was no way I was getting back to work on my novel with this rattling around in my head.  Here I am, writing a novel about alpha-dragons and all I can think of are fluffy, notice I said fluffy, not fat, putty tats.  =)
Notice to business' out there - social media is a monster of a tool, whether it be used for positive, or negative means.  Take it seriously.  If you listen to your customers, the consumers, who keep you in business to begin with, you will never meet the wrath of a pissed off blogger!
In ending, I am thankful for many things, one of which comes to mind in this situation - I can honestly say I have never intentionally let someone down who needed/sought out my assistance.  
Can you say the same?  
Sadly, I've learned, not many can.

November 11, 2013

Hello everyone!
News, news, news...well, let's see here.  I will be quick and short today, as I have a deadline on time...but here is where the status stands with my current work.
Loving the CEO was completed (YEAH!) and turned in to my Editor on September 15th with a word count of 68,653.  Due to some delays, I am not expecting first edits back for another couple of weeks, but I am thrilled!  I am hoping to have everything done, ready to go for publishing, by the end of December.  Crossing my fingers for sooner...but you know how that goes...out of my hands.  I am also excited to have a cover design in the making, and hopefully soon, available for everyone!
Of course, once Loving the CEO was done, I went right into my next project, Rising Dragon.  I am just as excited about this novel, as this will be another first - my first supernatural!  I have a target word count of 80-100k, but knowing me...yeah, let's just say I hope to stay under 100k.  My deadline for Rising Dragon is January 15th, but I hope to have it completed, and to my Editor, by the end of December.  I have so much occurring from the end of December through mid-January...
My current word count is 28.080 as of today, this minute!  It's coming along, but has taken me a bit longer than normal as I had to basically start over.
What do I mean by start over?  Well, here's what happened, in time sequence.  When I first set out to dedicate myself full-time to writing, I started with Rising Dragon.  Then, along came a spider who offered me a place in their Anthology for a Contemporary Romance piece.  Of course, I put aside Rising Dragon and began work on Loving the CEO.  
Unfortunately, I learned (and quickly) that I simply cannot write a 5k story, which was the max for the Anthology, so I scrapped the idea of joining.  But, by that time, I was so into Loving the CEO, I had to finish.  
As I was working on Loving the CEO, I received contact from Tina Engler (aka Jaid Black), CEO of Ellora's Cave, asking for a sample of my writing.  Well...since I was well into Loving the CEO, I tightened up the first ten pages and sent them off to her...with a prayer in the wind.
A week later, I received an acceptance from Tina, as well as an offer for a five-book contract!  Whoop!  So, I contracted Loving the CEO, Rising Dragon, and three others.  I know...I said I would make this short, but see what I mean about keeping under 100k?  My brain thinks small, but loves the danged words...the more the better!
Okay, so back around full circle.  Since Loving the CEO was the writing sample I sent to Tina, I contracted it with Ellora's Cave, finished writing it and away she went to my lovely Editor, Kelli Collins.
Right about the time of my deadline for Loving the CEO, Kelli was reverting in her role from EIC to Chief Editor, as well as undertaking a huge move.  Thus the delay.
Now, back to Rising Dragon...in the process of writing Loving the CEO, I learned a lot about my writing style.  A huge amount (and I haven't even received first edits back, which I know I will learn more each time).  So, when I picked up Rising Dragon, which I had to 25k when I originally put it aside and started reading over it...yeah.
So, I started from word one, page one, going over each of the 25k words, the sentences, the paragraphs, the story structure, the character introduction and development, etc.  Everything you do to write a novel.  If I had not done this, I would likely almost be done with Rising Dragon, however I wanted this, my first supernatural, to be as tight as I could get it.
As I read through, correcting this and that, changing an area here, a character action there, I found a lot of areas where there were items I just didn't like - I didn't like the flow, the direction, etc.  Thus, why it has taken me so long to get where I am now.  Plus...I forgot to mention...after I turned in Loving the CEO, I took a wee break (of three weeks) before I even sat down to Rising Dragon!
I imagine, if I was a chicka with no kiddos, my writing would be so much faster.  After all, no disruptions...yeah, but not in my house.
In ending, thank you all for your support!  I am hard at work on Rising Dragon, waiting for returned edits on Loving the CEO and have much more in the future planned!  =)
I wish each of you a wonderful day, a beautiful week and I hope, whatever your dreams and goals may be, you achieve each of them.
Shelbie  =)

September 8, 2013

Hello everyone!!

I just wanted to pop on and say "HI!" to everyone.  I know it's been a while since my last blog post, and I apologize for this and will try to do better in the future.
The last few weeks have been very busy ones for me.  I went on vacation to the ocean with my family, which I loved even though I ended up dog sick...ugh.  On top of that, the next day after returning home, my kids started school. Of course, I had to be terribly sick during all of this.  *feeling sorry for myself*  =(
Also exciting, and nerve-wracking as heck, is my first deadline looms ahead...September 15th.  Naturally, I have been working like crazy trying to wrap up the story.  Yes, you heard...wrap.  My characters seem to have another idea, as the story wants to continue, so I will have to find a good place and call "Cut!"  Hopefully, if it is well-received, I will have the option of continuing Richard and Samantha's story.
Once I get the story part done, then it's edit, edit, edit and having a critique read before I send it off to my Editor, Kelli Collins.  I have only a week left to get all this done, so needless to say, this week will be balls-to-the-wall work.  That's okay with me.  I do some of my best work under pressure - as I am sure many Authors do.  
My biggest hope is that when all is said and done, you the reader, will love my work.  I hope I am able to write characters you can empathize and bond with.  That I can write scenes which you can visualize and live through.  In the end, I hope to have taken you on a journey with me.  One which you will want to come back to time and time again.
Well, it's time for me to get back to work!  This will be my first published piece and I am determined to do my best - for you.
I wish you all the best.  I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and that you are successful at whatever you set your mind to.  Never give up is my motto.  Work hard at that which you desire and your desires will become reality.
Best Wishes *big hugs*
Shelbie  =)

August 7, 2013


After a long wait of wanting to announce it to the world, I am thrilled to finally be able to announce I have signed a five-book contract with Ellora's Cave!!!  
This is a dream come true for me!  Years of reading work from wonderful Authors, published by Ellora's Cave, I have wished to be a part of such a great group.  Now I am!!  YEAH!!
I was thrilled by the response I received from publishers, having several contracts offered.  I would like to thank all those who offered me opportunities; I have already written each of you personally, but wanted to say it here as well.  I was honored to have such a wonderful response in the publishing community.  Since the offers made to me have remained open, depending on my obligations to Ellora's Cave, I may consider them in the future.  One day at a time...one obligation at a time...one Novel at a time. I need to get into my groove, to see what I am capable of producing, before I consider more obligations.  What is important to me is taking the time to produce excellent work, not rushing to produce quantity.

I do not have publication dates yet, but as the process moves along I will keep everyone up to date.  I am currently working on a Contemporary Romance Novella, which has a set deadline of September 2013. After this project is completed, I have two Paranormal Romance Novels planned.  I have not yet decided what to do with the remaining two books of my contract, but as I go along it will become clearer.  I have the option of creating two more stand-alone Novels, or even continuing one previous Novel into a series....decisions, decisions....
For now, the following is planned with Ellora's Cave:  Title (the genre/EC line) approx word count and deadline.
  • Loving the CEO (Contemporary Romance/Romantica) 25-30k (possibly larger) September 2013

  • Rising Dragon (Paranormal Romance/Twilight) 80-100k January 2014

  • Corrupted (Paranormal Romance/Twilight) 80-100k June 2014

  • TBD for books four and five
Obviously, the dates listed are my deadline; editing, cover design and publishing afterwards.  Since this will be a first for me writing with a deadline, I am anxious to see how it goes.  As well, I am aiming to have the work to my Editor before these dates, but decided it was safest to allow for more time until I see the time it takes me. 
I cannot explain how thrilled I am and how difficult it has been for me to keep from announcing this wonderful news!!  The offer was made to me months ago, and I have been writing during the contract phase, so no time lost.  =)
I am also thrilled to announce that my Editor will be Kelli Collins!  I am confident, with her talent and knowledge, we will create something which readers will enjoy.
I would like to personally thank Jaid Black, for without her, I would not have this opportunity.  No matter the direction my career goes, I will always remember and thank Jaid for her place in starting it.  Thank you Jaid.  Your confidence means the world to me.
I would also like to thank all of you who have been a wonderful support to me over the last several months.  I have gained an immense amount of knowledge through this process, and thanks to the wonderful Authors, many of whom I count as friends, you too have helped in my journey.  I have met some absolutely amazing people and I am thankful to have each and every one of you in my life.
So, here goes nothing, hu?  Now, the ball is in my court, and I have the huge responsibility of creating a story which is engaging, characters you love to hate and hate to love, contained in a world you believe is real.  No small task, but one I am confident I have the ability to achieve. 
Thanks so much to everyone who has offered words of encouragement, advice, a shoulder of support, or even ears open, even though you probably got so tired of listening to me!!  
I would like to thank Rae Monet www.raemonetinc.com for her assistance - not only in designing my wonderful website www.shelbieknight.com but for her friendship.  I couldn't possibly have met a more wonderful person than Rae.  *big hugs*
As I write this, it sounds like I am writing a damned speech for receiving an award....I swear, this is not the purpose.  Ha-ha!  But, I have to thank my family as well.  Without their support none of this would be possible.  
My Husband is my rock - and always there to support me in whatever dream I decide to chase.  Married for almost twenty years now, together for almost 25, I am amazed he has put up with me....but what can I say, it was love at first sight, so he had no choice!  Ha-ha!  =)  I love you.  
My children, they are the two best kiddos any Mum could possibly wish for.  My Son is growing into a charming young man, capable, responsible and helps his Mum out all the time.  I am so very proud of him.  My Daughter, she's a little hellion (in a good way), although her little stunt on our trampoline has cost me an endless amount of grief (and medical bills) with a grade three sprain, and who knows how much ligament damage.  Aaahh...you would think my son would be the one breaking this and spraining that....nope.  That honor belongs to my hellion of a daughter!!  
My children are my life.  I love and care for them above and beyond any other.  They both support their Mum in her dream as well, even putting up with a "don't talk to me when I'm typing!  You mess me up!"  As the regular thing Mom says!
Last, but never least, I have to thank my own Mum.  Without her, I would be nothing - literally.  She is the one, who from the very start of my life, taught me to not take less than I deserved.  She instilled in me a desire to chase my dreams, no matter the work it took to achieve them.  She is my endless support system.  Always there, always with a smile on her face and her arms open for a hug.  I love you dearly Mummers!
Here we go.....the start of a new journey.  Thank you for your support and for playing a part of this most exciting time in my life!!  =)
Big Hugs,
Shelbie  =)

July 29, 2013


I would like to start by thanking everyone who visited my blog.  The turnout was wonderful, and so much more than I expected!  The excitement generated by people was infectious, drawing me along on an all together different, but amazing ride!
I would also like to thank Silverwood Theme Park, who without their support, none of this would have been possible.  Over the last several weeks, I have worked with some of the most amazing people in any industry, and I am thrilled knowing even though my blog contest is over, I have made some truly amazing friends.  
Now, since everyone wants to know the names, without delaying further, I will list them in randomly drawn order.  If you see your name here, please contact me at shelbie@shelbieknight.com and provide me with your mailing address.  I will be mailing your tickets out this week, so you can have them to schedule your time at Silverwood Theme Park as soon as possible.
Drawing winners:
  1. Shaina Bretthauer (CLAIMED)
  2. Serena Adkins  (CLAIMED)
  3. Kelsey Nash  (CLAIMED)
  4. Nathaniel Broden (CLAIMED)
  5. Josee Lewis (CLAIMED)
CONGRATS to each of you on your winning draw!  I hope you have a wonderful time when you visit Silverwood Theme Park - and I would love if each of you, during your visit, would take a picture of you and your guest next to your favorite ride, event, etc. and email it to me. I will be putting together a follow-up posting with all of your pictures, once I receive them.  If you feel uncomfortable showing yourself, and your guest, in the photo, a picture (or pictures) of your favorite time at Silverwood would be wonderful!  It helps make it possible for me to do wonderful giveaways like this in the future.
Again, thank you so very much to everyone who entered!  With the amazing amount of entries I received, I can see there are so many people who would love to visit Silverwood Theme Park - so, on that note, remember the newly opened contests!  You can read about them in my blog post below.  Silverwood just started two new contests, with the prize being free tickets, so don't despair if you didn't win here.....JUST SCROLL DOWN TO THE NEXT BLOG ENTRY FOR MORE CHANCES TO WIN!!
Thanks again!
Big Hugs,
Shelbie  =)
PS...Thanks Jordan!  You're a doll!  =)

UPDATE:  All of the Silverwood Theme Park winners have claimed their tickets!  CONGRATS to all of you, have a wonderful time! Remember to peek back and my blog now and then, and pay attention for announcements on Facebook and Twitter, as I do drawings frequently!

Thanks again to Silverwood Theme Park for their never-ending support, and to Jordan specifically.  It was my pleasure to team up with Silverwood, and I hope we can do it again in the future!  =)

July 25, 2013


I just received some updated information on new contests that Silverwood is running, and I wanted to pass them along to you! 
First off, Silverwood is running a new coloring contest!! If you are interested in finding out more, click HERE
Secondly, Silverwood has just started a new photo contest, regarding their new ride, SpinCycle.  If you are interested in finding out more about this contest, click HERE
When I wrote the blog article, I did not know that the essay contest was already closed; I apologize for this oversight.  But, better yet, you now have two more BRAND NEW contests open - that are great for children and adults both! 
I wanted to make sure and pass the information along so you have the most up-to-date information. Have a wonderful week!!
*big hugs*
Shelbie  =)


July 22, 2013

Read on for a chance to win!!

I am thrilled to bring an opportunity of a lifetime to you, thanks to my friends at Silverwood Theme Park www.silverwoodthemepark,com  

First, I would like to take a minute to tell you about Silverwood Theme Park (STP), and a few of the events they sponsor for children and their families.
Located in beautiful North Idaho, Silverwood Theme Park has over sixty-five rides, slides, shows and attractions, including four roller coasters!  Boulder Beach Water Park, a steam engine train, live entertainment, restaurants and so much more!
They have a theme park unlike any I have ever experienced!  In addition to a theme park filled with various, incredible rides and engaging events, right next door is Boulder Beach Water Park, encompassing an astounding twenty-one acres!  Pictures and words cannot possibly do it justice; to see it in person is astounding, and literally takes my breath away!
Silverwood Theme Park seeks to bring the best to their visitors, assuring you have an experience unlike any other, and this year they have surpassed this with the addition of an amazing new ride - this one is the first of it's kind in the world! At one hundred and four feet tall, the thrill ride has cylindrical-shaped vehicle seats that hold twenty-four people, facing outward, with their legs left dangling. They are supported by a harness as the vehicle rotates three hundred and sixty degrees, at thirteen revolutions per minute!  At the same time, the entire vehicle is swinging like a giant pendulum, until you are upside down, suspended over one hundred-four feet above ground level!  Riders are then brought all the way around, to repeat again, at over three and a half times the normal gravitational pull!  This is a ride unlike no other - a statement of fact - as it is the only of it's kind in the world!  To see a video of this ride, click HERE
SIlverwood Theme Park, in an effort to make their park available to all children and their families, has also sponsored two wonderful events:
  • Essay and Art Contest: Silverwood and the Spokesman-Review have teamed up for a wonderful essay contest.  They invite all students, including those involved with an accreditated home school program, in the Greater Northwest (Washington, Idaho, Oregon, BC or Montana) to write a one-hundred to five-hundred word essay describing a person in their life who would greatly benefit from a trip to Silverwood Theme Park!  In your essay, tell us why they would love a free trip - and you, your immediate family, and the special person will receive passes to the Silverwood!  You can find out more information on submitting your essay, including the rules  HERE
  • Family-A-Day:  Another wonderful Silverwood sponsored item is their Family-A-Day Giveaway.  Do you know of a family that deserves a fun-filled day at Silverwood Theme Park?  Enter their contest by clicking HERE  (The submission must be completed by someone eighteen or older.)
In addition to an amazing rides, a water park which would make a dolphin drool, incredible family entertainment, and events, Silverwood has graciously agreed to allow me to give away five (5) pairs of tickets to their wonderful establishment! That means you, and someone of your choosing, can go to Silverwood yourselves, experience the thrill first hand - experience the fun fist hand, experience the terror.....first hand.  
If you are interested in an opportunity to visit Silverwood Theme Park, to experience a day of pee in your pants excitement, enter the drawing below! Silverwood has asked that I run the drawing for a one-week period of time.  After which, Rafflecopter will draw the five winners.  I will then contact you to arrange to mail your tickets to you!!  How easy is that?!  Remember, this contest is open to all - whether you have visited Silverwood Theme Park in the past or not.  For each item you complete in the contest, which are as easy as clicking a link, you are granted the listed amount of entries!

I can assure you, Silverwood is an experience like no other.  When they say it is "The Northwest's Largest Theme Park," they are not kidding, or over-exaggerating!  To see it in person is astounding!
If you are interested in seeing some videos showing Silverwood Theme Park, their rides, the grounds, and other exciting events, click HERE to see some amazing videos!
In ending, I would like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT, and an even bigger thank you, to Silverwood Theme Park. The people I have worked with at Silverwood are some of the best in the industry - I have never felt more welcomed than at Silverwood Theme Park, where I am not simply a visitor, but part of a big, extended family.  I hope you have the opportunity to visit Silverwood and see for yourself.  What better cue to our drawing below....good luck, and to those who are fortunate enough to win tickets....bring Dramamine!  LOL  =)

Thank you Silverwood Theme Park!  What you did for my family, what you do for families, marks people's lives in ways you cannot possibly imagine. You are not simply a theme park, but a place where fond memories are created; memories which will last through childhood and beyond.  For this, and so much more, we thank you!  You are an asset to our community.

Big Hugs,

Shelbie Knight =)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

July 2, 2013

Weekly Update

Hello everyone!  I decided to stop by my blog today to give a little update on what's coming up and what's going down!  =)
First, I have been very busy these last couple of weeks, as I am dedicating as much of my free time to writing as possible.  Added to this, I have both of my kids home on Summer break, and my free time has been slim.  Regardless, I have managed to put in some good work on my first to-be-published piece.
Exciting news on the publishing front is that I am in talks with a publisher who is interested in representing my work, as well as offers from a few others!  I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunities presented to me, and hope to have announcements as to who I will be working with in the near future.  Until I sign a contract, I will not release any names - for obvious reasons.
In the next couple of days, I am planning a really neat drawing/giveaway on my blog.  I am in the planning stages of it now, and hope to have something going after the 4th of July.  I figured, with the Holiday coming up, it didn't make a lot of sense to start it right before.  So, please keep a eye out on my blog for announcements on this front as well. =)
I hope everyone is well, and you are successful at whatever it is you work towards.  In that light, I would like to send my congratulations to several Authors who have new releases this week:

1 - Kresley Cole - "MacRieve" (The Immortal After Dark Series)
2 - Christine Warren - "Hungry Like A Wolf" (A Novel of The Others)
3- Lora Leigh, Alyssa Day, Melejean Brook & Lucy Monroe - "Enthralled" (anthology)
4 - Kathy Love & Erin McCarthy - "Fangs for Nothing"
5 - Thea Harrison - "The Wicked" (novella) 
6 - Yasmine Galenorn - "Night Vision" (A Novel of the Indigo Court)

These are just a few of the wonderful Authors whose work I read, so if you are looking for a wonderful read, please check them out!!
Have a wonderful week everyone...and until next time....Big Hugs!
Shelbie =)

June 21, 2013

Winner announced....and more exciting news!

I am thrilled to announce the winner of my Amazon gift card drawing is:  Krystal Shannan!  YEAH!  Thank you to all of you who visited my blog and participated!  
The last couple of weeks have been quite exciting, with a lot of amazing things occurring - and there is more to come!
In the coming weeks, I will have several announcements forthcoming, so please keep an eye out right here, on my blog, for the most current news!
Also, next week I will be showcasing a wonderful opportunity for families, who may not otherwise have the option for their children - Silverwood Theme Park will be featured in my blog, discussing a wonderful program they have for families, as well as great things going on at their park!
While I will be featuring Silverwood Theme Park in my blog next week, and informing you of great opportunities, the real fun and test will be next month - when myself, my Husband, our two children, and my Mother visit Silverwood Theme Park in person!
Our entire stay there, I will be taking pictures and blogging about the park, the people, the food, you name it!  I can't wait to see, in person, what Silverwood is all about.  The true test will be looking into the eyes of my children; if their eyes are shinning, with smiles on their faces, I will know we have hit the mark!
In addition to this upcoming exciting adventure, I will also have announcements regarding my career.  I know this has been delayed longer than I anticipated, but this part of it is out of my hands.  I don't want to announce anything until the signatures are dry on the contracts.
I will say I am currently in contract negotiations with one publisher, and I have been approached by two others.  I am thrilled to have these wonderful opportunities and I can't wait to share them with you!!  =)
I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support!  I have been welcomed into this wonderful writing community with open arms; it means the world to me, and I hope one day to return the favor to another starting Author.  I have long-range plans, god and readers willing, to be a successful and contributing part of this wonderful community for years to come!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!
Big Hugs,
Shelbie  =)

June 17, 2013

You have waited....and finally, they are here!!

6/18 Blurb Blitz – Attack of the Car(r)i(e)s!
From Carrie Ann: Thank you for stopping by to watch Cari Quinn and I go crazy. Well, maybe not crazy, but a little quirky never hurt anyone. When we realized we both had a release on the same day, it was only natural that we showed you guys what it meant to be a Car(r)i(e). I do hope you get a chance to check out our newest editions!

From Cari: Thanks so much for hosting me and the fabulous Carrie Ann Ryan. I love that girl and I’m so excited to read her Redwood Pack series! If only I could read as fast as she writes! 
Shattered Emotions
By Carrie Ann Ryan

Maddox Jamenson is the Omega of the Redwood Pack, the one burdened by emotions stronger than his own. He's spent his entire life shrouded in the secrets of his "gift" and the price he has to pay to keep it, yet the cost just escalated. He's known a mate could be in the cards for him, but he can't have what he wants. Not when the battles he has yet to fight could destroy her.

Ellie Reyes was the Central's princess, the daughter of the most hated Alpha of all time, yet not prized. No, she's spent her life as the toy of her brother's sadistic torture and has endured a pain that no one else should have to even contemplate. Though when she's rescued, the one person who could help her, her mate, turns his back on her for reasons unknown to her. As each day passes, the strength that everyone sees in her dwindles to a point that there may be no coming back from.
When the Centrals find a new way to attack, leaving Ellie's only protection a mate that she doesn’t think wants her, they’ll both have to overcome their fears and fight for something stronger than their pain.  The war isn't over and new players are coming that will decide the outcome. Maddox and Ellie's connection will be tested even as their fragile bond is only newly forming.

Buy Links:

iTunes: Coming Soon

 Author Bio

Carrie Ann Ryan is a bestselling paranormal and contemporary romance author. After spending too much time behind a lab bench, she decided to dive into the romance world and find her werewolf mate – even if it’s just in her books. Happy endings are always near – even if you have to get over the challenges of falling in love first.
Carrie Ann’s Redwood Pack series is a bestselling series that has made the shifter world even more real to her and has allowed the Dante’s Circle and Holiday, Montana series to be born. She’s also an avid reader and lover of romance and fiction novels. She loves meeting new authors and new worlds. Any recommendations you have are appreciated. Carrie Ann lives in New England with her husband and two kittens.


Ellie Reyes gripped Maddox’s hand as tight as she could. Yes, it was the first time he’d voluntary touched her since he’d picked her up out of the back of the Jeep when they’d first met, but, honestly, that wasn’t important now.
She’d think about the calloused hands of a hard worker—one who helped his Pack and brothers, not necessarily in his job—and how they would feel against her skin. She’d think about what it all meant later.

Maybe later she could even relish his touch and imagine the scents of wolf and forest washing over her.

Right now, all she wanted to do was hide in a corner so the others would stop staring at her. Or, she could raise her chin at them all and show them they couldn’t hurt her. Her wolf whimpered at the thought, not knowing if that were possible. She didn’t know if she was broken or strong anymore.
She’d been hurt far more than they could ever imagine. They had no idea what she could endure. Oh, they’d all guessed and given her their pitying looks, but they didn’t know.
They couldn’t know.
Dirty Distractions

By Cari Quinn

  She wants a fling, and he wants forever…

Zoologist Sara Carmichael’s active social life is the envy of all her friends, but she has a secret. She’s bored senseless. If she has to go to one more bird sanctuary fundraiser with some guy who thinks his little sports car makes him “hip”, she'll scream.
Enter Brad O’Halloran, her best friend Kim’s much younger brother. A guy who’s picking up the pieces after a quickie marriage and even quicker divorce. A guy so hot he makes her body scream with frustration.

Until Sara’s apartment is renovated, they’re all living at Kim’s place. Despite her determination not to salivate at glimpses of Brad’s finer-than-fine body in nothing but a low-slung towel, flirtation escalates to the brink of something more.

Now one of them has to back down…or ante up for some good, dirty fun with the unspoken understanding that when the time comes, they’ll make a clean break. Neither anticipated they’d make the most complicated connection of all—love.
Warning: This book contains a hero who knows how to make engines— and women—purr, seduction while on cold meds, and a heroine who might be a little older but still enjoys learning a few naughty new tricks.

 Buy Links:

Samhain Publishing:


Barnes and Noble:



 Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn saves the world one Photoshop file at a time in her job as a graphic designer. At night, she writes sexy romance, drinks a lot of coffee, and plays her music way too loud. When she’s not scribbling furiously, she’s watching men’s college basketball, reading excellent books, and causing trouble. Sometimes simultaneously.

Smexy Excerpt:

Lips curving, Sara reached for her body wash and squirted a huge dollop into her palm. She set aside the bottle and rubbed the soap over her torso, her smile turning impish.
“Uh-oh. That smile scares me.”

She laughed and trailed bubbles over Brad’s chest, leaning forward to nip the corded muscles in his shoulders. He tensed, his pecs flexing under her meandering fingers.
“I want to watch you touch yourself.” She looked up at him under her lashes. “That’s not scary, is it?”

“No.” His throat rippled as he swallowed. “And I do aim to please.”
He didn’t hesitate to load up his hands with the body wash she even now worked into his ropey upper arms. This was a man for whom life itself was a workout. She would bet he didn’t even have a gym membership. He just worked and played hard.

And she had a feeling he had sex the same way. God, she couldn’t wait to find out.
They soaped each other for a couple minutes, the only sounds the rushing water and their increasingly heavy breathing. Without a word, he reached down and gripped his cock. When he began to move up and down in short strokes, her breath caught. So hot. She’d seen men do that in adult movies but never in reality. Never right in front of her.

His arm muscles flexed as the first fat drop of precome seeped down his shaft before being washed away. He sped up, working himself hard. Noting his firm hold, she bit her lip. Maybe she’d been too careful when touching prior lovers. Not that she’d gotten any complaints, but the harsh pumps of his hand gave her pause. They also provoked a low moan.
The sexiest part of this? His low-lidded, burning blue eyes were focused on her. Right now she was the fuel for his fantasies. Knowing that brought a fresh rush of moisture between her thighs.

Riveted, she cupped her own breasts, hardly aware of what she was doing. But then she sneezed again, and he choked out a laugh. “I’m going to get an erection every time I hear you sneeze from now on. You know that, right?”
Instead of responding in kind, she stared at his hand, now moving slower than before, and unwittingly pinched her nipples. The pinch twanged in her lower belly, swift and sharp.

“Damn, baby, that’s beautiful.” Reverence filled his tone.
She splashed a little water on them to wash off the last of the body wash. After she turned off the tap, she stepped closer and gazed deep into his eyes. What she saw there made her heart flutter and her core clench. “Tell me what you imagine when you’re doing this alone.”

“I usually pretend you’re riding me. Your hair loose, your breasts bouncing. I knew they’d be like this.” He molded her flesh, his tanned fingertips against her pale skin an incredible turn-on. “Not too big. Not too small. And your nipples…they’re the same cinnamon brown I always pictured. Almost as pretty as those light brown eyes of yours.”
That his attention returned to her face as he spoke inflamed every dormant nerve inside her body. He captured her lips, tormenting her with light, teasing kisses that made her want to grab his arms and drag him against her. But she reached for his cock instead, desperate to learn how he would feel in her hand.

In her mouth. Inside her. Everywhere.
She shuddered, and he palmed her cheek. “Let’s go in the bedroom.” Each subtle throb of his thick, velvety flesh told her how much his own monologue had affected him. “It’s too cold in here, and you’re all wet.”

“That won’t improve if we go in the bedroom.”
His rich, appreciative laughter wound around her while he nudged her out of the shower and bundled her into one of her thick, Egyptian cotton towels. He folded another around her hair and led her into her room, then tugged her onto the bed. When he started to pull her on top of him, she put up a fight, enjoying the fierce flare of arousal on his face as he finally pinned her beneath him.

“Like it rough, hmm?”
“Maybe.” She blew an escaped strand of damp hair out of her eyes. “But it was more that. I had an ulterior motive. I wanted you just like this.”

He arched a brow. “That so?”
“Oh yeah.” Watching his face, Sara stroked the delicious erection flush against her belly. Then she licked her palm and slickened his length, repeating the move until his cock glistened. “Because you’re not finished.”

From Shelbie:  

I would like to start by thanking Carrie Ann Ryan and Cari Quinn for taking a moment to stop by and visit my blog; it was a pleasure to host these two wonderful Romance Authors today and I hope you have enjoyed the Attack of the Car(r)i(e)s!!  

I would also like to thank you, the reader, for stopping by my blog today.  As a new Author, your support means a great deal to me.  While you are here, don't forget to scroll down a bit and enter my Amazon gift card giveaway drawing!  The winner will be selected in just a few short days, and how perfect is this?  If you are the one to win, you will have the funds to purchase both these wonderful Authors books, and then some, or whatever your heart desires!

Remember to check back frequently, as in the coming days and weeks there will be many exciting announcements, more great Author visits and giveaways!  In the coming weeks, I will have some wonderful news to release regarding my career as well - and I will be having a blog party to celebrate - so keep an eye out.  You can bookmark my page, or subscribe to my blog as well.  www.shelbieknight.blogspot.com

Thanks again for visiting and have a wonderful day!  Congrats to Carrie Ann Ryan and Cari Quinn on their new releases; may you both enjoy all the success in the world!

Big Hugs,

Shelbie Knight =)

Tomorrow is the day the Car(r)i(e)s come to play!

Tomorrow, June 18th, I am thrilled to have a visit from CarrieAnn Ryan and Cari Quinn, introducing their new releases.

Please stop by to find out more tomorrow!

Shelbie  =)

June 10, 2013

Shelbie's Update Reel

I wanted to say "HI" to everyone, as I know it's been a bit too long since I have visited my blog.  To say I have had a busy couple of weeks would be putting it mildly!  It seems as though the minute I think I have a handle on things, something else gets added and I feel buried again.  Oh well, I might as well accept it and get used to the feeling, right?
I have some exciting things coming to my blog in the coming weeks - here is an overview of what's coming, so make sure and check back periodically so you don't miss out!!
-I will be running a Rafflecopter giveaway (prize to be determined) in the next week ahead.  Make sure you join in for a chance to win!!
-I have started a word count runner on the side banner so you can see where I am in the progress of my book; I will attempt to update this often (too bad it cannot do it itself, hu?)
-I have two wonderful Authors, Carrie Ann Ryan and Cari Quinn, coming to my blog during their Blog Blitz, on June 18th.
-I will be conducting a review/interview with Silverwood Theme Park, talking about a wonderful Family program they have available for families in need.  I can't wait to share this with you.
-I will have several announcements, regarding the direction of my career, in the coming weeks!  All I will say for now, until a contract has been signed, is that I have been offered several contracts by several publishers!  I am very excited and honored by the offers I have received!  But, nothing is final until both parties sign on the dotted line.  Until this is done, I will not make any official statements regarding publishers, or deals. =)  
This is just a sample of what's coming in the weeks ahead!  Please check back frequently, as there is a lot going on in the coming weeks!  Also, please check my website  www.shelbieknight.com for updates and add yourself to my ANNOUNCE ONLY Newsletter   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shelbieknightnewsletter/join You can access my newsletter through my website, on the CONTACT tab, as well.  Please remember, this is not a newsletter that will spam your email - this is for important announcements only (contracts, release dates, etc.)
I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a beautiful week!  This week begins a one full of work and major decisions for me.  I am nervous, yet at the same time thoroughly excited!

May 28, 2013

A note of gratitude

I wanted to take a moment to briefly thank an individual who has been a huge support to me during the last months.  She worked with me, in a professional capacity, but has become so much more.
To start, her name is Rae Monet.  She was, at one time not long ago, a Romance Author.  She has taken her skills of this trade and now applies them to another; working in support of Authors, such as myself, to design websites that speak not only for the Author, but display who the Author is and what their work represents to them.
Rae Monet with her adopted wolf, Wana Chikal
I met Rae through a referral from another favorite person of mine, Paranormal Romance Author J.K. Coi - I heart me some J.K!  During one of our many conversations, I asked her who designed her website because I loved the design.  www.jkcoi.com  She told me of Rae, who I then performed an internet search on, examined all of her work, and contacted her.
She has been a dream to work with from day one.  I felt an instant kinship with her, like you would your best girlfriend - you know....the one who is willing to tell you the green dress makes you look fat, but loving enough to immediately buffer the blow by handing you the black one with a smile on her face?  Yeah.  We instantly struck up a lengthy conversation and it took me no time at all to hire her to design my first Author website.
Through the entire process, which is very detailed, she has always been a wonderful support.  Never tiring of patience, even when I likely asked her to move something one too many times! =)  The end results?  To say I was stunned would be mild - I was absolutely in love!  She, and her wonderful partner, managed to take ideas of mine and create something stunningly beautiful, tailored just to me, and a place I felt would be my home for years to come.  A place where I would proudly display my work, a place where people could learn about me and what I do.
Wolf Mountain Sanctuary
Lucerne Valley, CA.
As if this is not enough, she has always been there for me as a wonderful support.  Whether I simply needed to run an idea past someone "in the know," sought knowledge, or simply to chat about a new experience, she has always come through.  Like I said earlier, she treats you as if you are a long lost friend.
So far, while my experience may be limited in the publishing industry, I am learning there are wonderful individuals about - Rae Monet is one such individual.  Not only would I highly recommend her to anyone needing website, blog or the like, work/design, I would stand by her as a personal reference as well.   Without question.  Without delay.
In this world, there are far too few people such as Rae.  The ones who are deserve any and all recognition they can be afforded - professionally as well as personally.  A flower arrangement saying my thanks and appreciation seems meager in light of all she has done for me, the positive impact she has reflected in my life. 
Unfortunately, at this time, flowers, along with my friendship, loyalty and words of praise are all I have to offer.
If you are seeking someone to design an amazing website (or blog, etc.), or know someone who is, I can place no higher recommendation than Rae Monet. 
I have placed her contact information below.  If you visit her website, you will see examples of many of the websites she and her team have built and designed.  They are truly a work of art and trust me when I tell you, she more than earns every penny and then some!!
Thank you Rae.  You are a gem!
With Warm Regards,
Shelbie Knight =)
For examples of her work, or to contact her:
Rae Monet Inc.
To see my website, designed by Rae:
And of course, the blog you are currently reading:

May 22, 2013

Lessons Learned? To Never Repeat.....Oklahoma

It may seem, especially during times when we get wrapped in our own lives, it is all we care about. Things like what recently occurred in Oklahoma bring home for me the importance of life to me.
Thinking about all of these Families, who are homeless with not a damned thing to their names. 
Think about it.  Everything they owned - Family pictures, treasured keepsakes, items their children made when they were younger, pictures of Family long past - all gone in the blink of an eye.
Added to this, there are those who lost loved ones.  It never ceases to amaze me, the power of the human soul, the power of healing.  Most of us, when we experience a terribly tragedy or loss, have a place to park our weary bodies, a place to rest our weary minds.  We have a place where we feel the comfort of home, where we can release and let it go.  The people of Moore, Oklahoma have lost even this basic healing necessity.  They have NOTHING. 
I have always been, what my Family calls, a "weather nut."  I am the one on the radar, half the US away, watching, tracking, storms, wind sheer, you name it.  I love the power of Mother Nature.  Love it.  I love the power of a super cell storm.  I love to get right under it, as safely as possible, looking up into the incredible cloud structure, at times getting blown over by RFD's.  I love any kind of storm; I have had an affinity for chasing storms since I was a young girl.  I can literally "feel" it in the air, when the electricity increases, when the pressure drops - I am right there.  My Mom calls me a "human barometer."  She is not far off.  It's a horrible feeling to love something so much, to have a passion for it, yet to hate it at the same time.  This is the case with tornadoes.
Needless to say, as you can imagine, with my love of storms, I was all over this one.  I was watching this storm long before it formed into a massive, power-of-God F5 tornado, knew it was an F5 simply from watching it's development, spawned from a super cell so strong, it was as if it was created in the depths of hell.
This is what, no doubt, the people of Moore, Oklahoma (and the surrounding communities) were thinking, as they saw this monster headed their way.
Imagine this scenario - you live in a community where storms are the norm.  You are even accustomed to a super cell rolling through, dropping golf-ball sized hail, denting everything you own, shooting lighting from the clouds as if the God's were in battle.  So, even though watches and warnings are firing off, in increasing intensity, you keep your awareness about you, but continue on with life.  You have no other choice, as you live where, during the late Spring and Summer months, this is life.  If you shut down, hid inside, every time a watch or warning was issued, you could very well be living inside for months.
Then, you notice this storm, the one creating the watches and warnings, is getting mighty strong.  You have lived here long enough to know what this means; you might very well have to count on something today, something other than a violate storm.  Still, you are ever more aware, but continue with your day - until the sirens start blaring.
The minute you hear the sound, the horns blaring across the plains, you know something bad is on the way.  Your first thoughts?  You want to know if there is something headed your way, so you check the news, or you have already been listing to NOAA on your emergency weather radio. 
Once you find out it is in fact in your area, what are your thoughts then?  What goes through your mind in those split seconds of indecision?  Maybe they could be where are my kids, where are my animals, where is my Family, what is most important?  Where do I go?  Where can I hide?  Where are my neighbors? You might be one of the (fortunate ones) <see below> and have a storm/tornado shelter, so you think fast on who you need to get into it.  You might not be so lucky, instead grabbing your children, running to the bedroom, stripping the mattress off the bed, dragging it into the bathroom, placing your children in the tub, laying down with them, and then dragging the mattress over you and holding on for dear life. 
Look at the amount of steps involved in this!  Look at the sheer panic this person would likely be feeling!  Then, as you lay there, listening to the storm, hearing it's increasing intensity, feeling your ears "pop" as the pressure drops as the storms nears more.  This entire time, you are praying, you are talking to your children, arms wrapped around them, so tight they almost cannot breath.  But, no matter what, you are going to hold on to them with everything in you.  You will not lose them.  They will not be ripped from your arms.  You know the storm is almost upon you now.  There is nothing left to do but hold on and pray.  The noise is so deafening you can no longer hear the voice you know you are speaking to your children.  You keep talking.  You are their Mother, their Father, their Grandparent, and it is your job to keep them secure.  No matter your words, your children are scared for their lives.  They are crying, tears streaming down their little faces, buried under the mattress.  They may be young, but they KNOW this cannot be good.  The noise increases more, so much so it is actually causing pain to hear it.  The pressure drops more, so low that your ears actually rupture from the intensity of it.  
All of this and then - sheer terror.  Everything is out of your control.  There is nothing you can do.  Things are flying over, around, on top, under you.  You have your arms wrapped tightly around your children - you did.  No matter how tight you held on, no matter how much you prayed, they were stripped from your arms.  There is not a damned thing you can do, against everything in you, you want to fight this.  You want to fight this fucking storm and get to your children!  There is naught you can do.  For the storm is in control now.  You are merely along for the ride.  A ride you might not survive.
As quickly as it started, it's over, but to you it seemed like it lasted years.  There is no sound.  It is deathly quiet.  Wait.  I can hear something.  What is it I hear?  The sound of "drip-drip-drip-drip" is the only sound registering in your ears.  You are laying somewhere.  You don't know where and for a minute, you don't know why.  It comes to you!  My God, a tornado, my babies!  The minute you try to move, you are assaulted by pain.  Gut wrenching pain.  You can't move against the pain, it is so severe in it's intensity.  You have to move - against anything, you must find your babies the storm ripped from your arms.  As gingerly, but as quickly, as you are able, you stand, un-burying yourself from a pile of rubble that has landed on you, around you, under you.  Looking around, you see nothing put piles.  Your mind cannot possibly register with what it is seeing - it simply cannot process it.  You look around, searching for your home, looking for anything familiar.  There is nothing.  Everything has been destroyed.  The trees, houses, cars and other objects that you used to familiarize yourself are all gone.  There is nothing left but piles of rubble and splinters of trees. 
Your hearing comes back little by little, and now in the distance you can hear the storm, still eating a pathway across the plains.  Oh God!  Where am I?  Where are my babies?  Searching with your eyes no longer works.  Not only are they filled with grime and grit, so your vision is impaired, but of everything you see, none of it makes sense.  So, you must move.  Move.  Get out of wherever you are, no matter the pain, and move!  
This entire time, you have heard nothing but silence.  As you lay on the ground, on a pile of rubble, wet, cold and dirty, in the dark, alone, alone with the silence.  Now you are starting to hear sounds.  Sounds of a neighborhood coming back to life, sounds of sirens in the distance.  Oh Thank God!  Help is coming!  You try to yell out, so someone can hear you, so someone can find you, but your throat is clogged with dirt and debris.  Not only that, but in the minutes before the storm hit, you were having to yell so loud, so loud so your babies could hear you - your throat is gone, nothing more than a croak comes out.
At least help is on the way.  I have to get out of here and find my babies.  That is the prevalent thought, the only thought, at this point running through your disorientated mind.  Your priority is finding your children - you cannot fail them.  Oh God, please let them be alive.  Please, please, please, please let them be alive.  You pray.  Pray more.  Shivering, laying in the waste of homes, cold, alone, dirty, shocked and hurt - you pray, not for yourself, but for someone else.  
Is this an experience you think anyone in the US should rightfully have?  If this was your Family member, what would you think?  Hundreds, thousands, of Families go through similar tragedies across the United States every year.  This is wrong. We should take care of our own.  We may not be able to control the storms - but we sure as hell should have control over mitigating the damage to human life.  To ignore this further is wrong.  Our climates are changing, like it or not.  Global changes are occurring and with them, more frequent, more severe and more hand-of-God storms will touch down.
Then, there are the <fortunate ones> You might be one of the "fortunate ones" in Oklahoma, and anywhere in tornado alley; you might have a storm cellar.  There are so many who don't.  Why you ask?  Because they cost thousands of dollars, plain and simple - the American life is not worth more than the all-mighty dollar.  I ask myself all the time why, in an area which is tornado-prone, should a house be built WITHOUT a tornado shelter?  As far as I am concerned, this should be a MANDATORY, government building regulation - so the builders cannot weasel their way out of it.  If a house is being built on property deemed "likely to have tornado activity", then there should be no question.  I am tired of money being worth more than life.  If it was you, what would you say?  If you were the one in horrific pain, having lost a child, a loved one, what would you say?
Now, this is not to say tornado shelters will prevent ALL death, but damned!  For real?  Anyone with a brain cell firing in their head can see the loss of life FROM THIS ONE EVENT ALONE THAT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED WITH A STORM SHELTER!
If the government has certain regulations in place for building in flood-proned areas, why do they not do the same for tornado-prone areas?  Some may say this is impossible, since "tornado alley extends from the border of Mexico all the way up to the border of Canada. You can't possibly build storm/tornado shelters in ALL these homes!"  I've thought about this as well; yes, tornado alley does extend all across the United States.  But, here is where we make it a government mandate on where to build storm/tornado shelters - the government, NOAA, NSSL (National Severe Storm Laboratory), and many more have exact dictation on EACH TORNADO that has touched down in the Continental US - no question.  
Here is where the "studies" come in.  As far as I am concerned, and I am by no means a scientist, but if there is an area that is prone to regular or repeated tornadoes, over an F3 on the Fujita scale, then these should be areas where a storm/tornado shelter is mandatory during building.  There should be NO QUESTION of this if the rebuilding is as a result of TORNADO DAMAGE to begin with.  It is crazy to re-build a home, in the exact location where it was destroyed, and not build a storm/tornado shelter on the property.  Does Moore, Oklahoma need to be more evidence of this?  An F4 destroyed Moore, OK on May 3, 1999.  Leveled the entire town.  They rebuilt, only to have another tornado do massive damage in 02'.  Now, here we are, years later and we have complete devastation - but worse.  We have a community demolished with a staggering loss of life to go along with it.  Unacceptable.
I ask you - think about this.  Think about the people.  Think about the suffering.  Think about the loss of life.  And most important....think about that Parent/Grandparent who, after getting up against all odds, searching everything around them, only to have someone else find their child a mile away, carried by the winds.  They will live with the ramifications of this storm for the remainder of their lives - and each and every time they hear another storm, see lightning flash across the sky, hear the rumble of thunder - they will remember the storm that took everything from them.
Please reach out and help the people of Moore, Oklahoma.  Donate to your local Red Cross.  They need anything and everything we can offer.  Do not forget this tragedy.  This is the way, we as humans, tend to think.  When a tragedy occurs, we are there and one-hundred percent engaged (which is beautiful).  The problem is - once this has passed, there WILL be another, as it is only a matter of time.  Preparing now means saving lives later.  
Even if every person in the Continental US had to chip in five dollars, to build the storm/tornado shelters for every person who needs one, would it be worth the five dollars to you?  Would it be worth it to our government?  Would it be worth it to the insurance agencies?  After all, money talks and bullshit walks, right?  More important - it would be worth it to me to save ONE PARENT the loss and forever grief of ONE CHILD, who lived their last minutes in terror.  This is not how we support our fellow Americans.

UPDATE:  Mayor Glen Lewis (Mayor of Moore, Oklahoma) announced he is seeking an ordinance to place storm shelters in the every multi-occupancy home!  Just announced on The Weather Channel.  Good Mayor Lewis!  I support this one hundred percent!!  =)