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March 16, 2023

Pfizer Virologist Beachfront Getaway

So, they found a Pfizer Virologist dead on a beach, strangled. Go figure. I’m sure many who are “involved” and have valuable information in their minds will suddenly start dropping like flies. After all, when you set out to extinguish millions of humans in a mass slaughter of epic proportions, they can’t very well risk that information being used to save one’s own neck, now can they? 

What these f*ckers don’t realize is, their comrades spilling the beans is the least of their problems.


People accustomed to operating & conducting their dirty business in the shadows have now been exposed by the light. The light of God…not Lucifer. Their names are known, as are many of their faces; etched in peoples minds, deeper with each crime that’s exposed.


A time of reckoning is coming, on earth & in Heaven. These monsters will come to know what FEAR feels like. What they’ve taken pleasure inflicting on humanity for so long will revisit them ten times over. They will not even be allowed to escape at night as they lay their heads to their soft, luxurious pillows; their nights filled with images of the terrors that await them.


They believe themselves so superior to us, but they will learn just how normal they are when they lose the power & control over the only thing that gave them an edge  - the demons they service & welcome. When they are left empty, vacant, without their cover, their power base, their souls stripped bare, raw from years of demon infestation, it is then they will realize just how truly f*cked they are. How twisted & sick they are. How demented the are.


When those realizations finally kick aside their delusions, when they realize the gig is finally up that, they have no way out of the trap that’s been so cleverly set, most of them, being the cowards they really are, will bite a bullet instead of taking the risk of a noose around their neck & accountability.


But, there’s always the few who remain, still believing they can find a way out. They’ll be the ones who have bought the bullshit the most, because they’re the ones who’ve been shoveling it out the longest & believe their own lies. After all, the saying is true, repeat a lie enough times & people will eventually believe it. Shows their stupidity that they thought themselves immune from this. They’ll be the ones to remind themselves of all the others who got away - thousands escaped Germany & hid in plain sight - and they’ll think of all their resources & places they have set up to escape to. They’ll think of those they pay to protect them.


Little do these idiots realize, they no longer have free access to their resources; access to quick cash is tricky at best & their hiding places have either been destroyed, or are compromised. And the ones who have served to protect them in the past? Yeah…they’ll be the first ones to jump ship & throw their asses to the wolves because they know, the only reason you’ve stuck with them is to use them. And they’ve been witness to the body count you’ve left in your wake, the damage. 


Think you they want to be added to that list? You didn’t hire them just for their “pure” blood; rather, you knew they had some intelligence, right? That intelligence is what they’ll use when they turn on YOU. After all, self-preservation is a all-mighty powerful force & it’s one that no amount of money or gold can pay off. After all, even an idiot knows you can’t spend shit from the grave.


Naturally, you’ll find those you can pay off along your journey, but the longer your journey spans, the drain on you, your resources, your energy & your mental acuity will be significant. You’ll become so paranoid that you jump at the slightest sound or shadow cast off a tiny alley cat. You will no longer be able to sleep, as every little noise & shift of air sends you scrambling for cover. But, by this point in your journey, sleep will be an afterthought & you’ll welcome the reprieve from its grasp; as your nightmares have increased to night terrors as God, and your victims, play a non-stop reel in your mind of your crimes against humanity & God.


You will become a shell of the man (or woman) you once were; shaking, trembling, with massive bags under your eyes, your skin wrinkled & the color of one too many you buried. Your eyes will remain open, as you begin to fear the slightest blink; terror filling your mind as paranoia chips away at what’s left of your psyche. You’ll start blubbering, murmuring & whispering to yourself in the darkness, not knowing day from night, as you’ve sealed every access. 


As your nerves continue to fray & your stomach gnaws, you’ll start picking at your nails, drawing blood as you chew them past the quick. Drool will spill from your mouth as you slither around the room, like a river overflowing it’s bank, leaving visible trails as to where you’ve been.  You’ll pace the small hiding spot you’ve relegated yourself to, shuffling from one window to the next, peeling back just a crack, lifting first the blanket, then peaking in-between the blinds, convinced that car has been sitting there far too long. You just know it was there the last time you checked, right? Chew, chew, chew…


Then, one day, on your route of shuffling over to that window to check that car again, walking in the now visible path you’ve worn into the floor, you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror. A mirror that you know you covered, but by Gods clever hand, the blanket is now pooled at the base of the mirror.


The moment your eyes make contact with your reflection, you  jump back with a yelp, your hands raising to your face in horror because you will finally see the monster you are. Not the monster you’ve become, but the monster you are.the handsome veneer that you’ve seen all your life is…gone. It’s taken the stripping away of your elite, polished & privileged world for you to see the truth of who you are & what is left sends terror skittering it’s way down your now hunched over, decrepit spine. 


And it’s in this moment when you truly see yourself for the first time; the polished veneer stripped away leaving the monster you have become behind. That one look triggers what you’ve been avoiding all your life; self-reflection. It’s too much for your fragile self-ego to handle and, as you open your mouth one last time to scream, the only sound to release and fill the dense air around you is but a croak; you’ve been silent for so long, hiding in your small shelter, fearful of making but a sound & being discovered, that now your vocal chords have frozen. 


It’s too much. As you start to reflect on what you once were, how powerful you were, how influential, you look to the table in front of you & see the one thing you have left from your Father, his Revolver. Shame overwhelms you, thinking of what he would say to you if he could see you now. 


As you pick up your Fathers prized Revolver, the weight of cold steel registering in your hand, you’re not even sure if you have the strength left to pull the trigger, let alone lift it. But, you’re determined. Gathering all your remaining strength, you think to yourself, just raise the damn thing a bit higher. And, the last conscious thought you have before it all goes to hell, is what have I become? What have I done? What kind of monster am I? 


It’s at that moment when you see the last thing you ever expected to see -  God standing before you, surrounded by a golden halo of light, holding out His hand to you. You feel…warm. And you’ve been so cold for so long…so very long that you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be…warm. You feel, what you can only assume is love, as it radiates from His every being. You feel as if you’re standing in front of the sun, but not getting burnt. But, that can’t be possible. He CAN’T love you. He just CAN’T. Not after all you’ve done against Him, against His name. It’s not possible…is it? 


But, before you can think on the matter, you’ve been programmed so well all your life against Him that your first reaction, even knowing you’re facing death, is to pull back & shrink away from Him. 


The moment you do, even though the action was involuntary & one born of trained behavior, you realize it for the severe mistake it is. Likely the last & biggest mistake you’ll ever make; for, the moment you pull back, you see Gods hand start to lower, as His welcoming smile &  light dim a little. Simultaneously, at your side, you see the one appear who you’ve done all this for, Lucifer. He's presenting his handsome image now, but those of us who have come to know him over the years know what he truly looks like. You should be happy, right? After all, he’s here at the end as he told you he world be. 


However, it’s now, in this moment standing before God, when you can finally compare the differences & what you see, more so, what you feel, send sparks of fear snap-cracking through your body like Fourth of July on steroids. And the moment you turn your head, lifting your eyes to meet his, it’s then that he shows you a snapshot of what life with him will truly be like. And, you can only assume to be cruel, he shows you what you’ve turned your back on all this time, which is what he’s coveted all along; what life with God was like. If anyone should know, it is he, for he was once God’s favored Angel. Then he blinks and, as if pulled from a trance, your consciousness comes back alive with an audible SNAP! to hear a deep, rumbling noise that you quickly realize is his laughter.


Looking at this being as if seeing him for the first time, you have a quick realization that all you’ve believed, all you’ve done in his name, all the crimes you’ve committed, the horrible deeds…it was all a lie. The moment the thought crosses your mind, as if a lightbulb is turned on for the first time in your life truly illuminating reality, he looks to you and, in a voice so deep the cement walls begin to crack as he speaks, “You finally see, human. Now, you finally see. But, you have no one to blame but yourself. He told you the truth all along. You chose not to listen.”


Your instant reaction is to turn back around to face God. You need to plead for His mercy, beg for His forgiveness, you MUST. Athe feeling you have is one of imperative…and doom.


But, as you turn, all you see is his back walking away as the light envelopes him, departing with Him talking all the warmth in the room as He leaves, disappearing from sight. At that moment, your knees buckle & collapse beneath you as you crumble in a pile of flesh & bones at Lucifer’s feet. All the while, above you, the being you gave so much for, did so much for, sacrificed so much for, is laughing so hard your body is quickly covered with cement dust & flakes making you look like the ghost you now feel like.


You turn to look up at him, hoping he will be who he once claimed, the one he showed you and that he’ll do what he promised all along. Hoping he will show you the love you just felt from God. After all, God created him, right? And you did all he asked, never questioning an order or directive given. You were loyal all along & your loyalty should count for something…right?


But, as you look up at this being, you don’t feel love. No, just the opposite; you feel cruelty. He reaches down & the moment his hand makes contact with your body, you open your mouth & this time your voice works as you release a long, torturous  scream; one you never knew a human could make. Pain the likes of nothing you ever knew possible, and you know pain, bound through your body, every nerve cell exploding as his fire burns it’s way through your body.


All encompassing fear & pain so overwhelming you can’t stop screaming even to take a single gasping breath, flows through your body & mind in a dual assault you can’t escape. They’re nothing you can do but continue to scream until your throat is torn, shredded & you begin to choke on the blood pouring down it. To  show his extreme talent for cruelty, while he’s assaulting your body, he also attacks your mind; showing you visions of what’s in store for you, what he and his demons do for “fun.” 


Oh, Lord please help me! PLEASE, LORD! HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO WRONG? I WAS DECEIVED! you think in your screaming mind as you gather enough conscious effort to wait for a temporary ease in the pain, just long enough for your brain to translate thought to word, which has become almost impossible given the non-stop assault. Finally, feeling a slight ease in the pain, you jump at the moment, “Lord!,” you scream into the nether, “please help me! Please forgive me, I beg of you! PLEASE, LORD…PLEASE, I BEG FOR YOUR FORGIVENESS!”


The last thing you'll hear before your soul is ripped from your body & this reality to one of sheer Hell & torment is the voice of the Lord, your true Lord, as He says to you, “I was there for you, child. Even after witnessing all the horrible crimes you’ve committed against my children, your Brothers & Sisters, my children, I was there for you, always. All you needed do was seek my forgiveness, ask for forgiveness for the sins you committed against me & accept me as your Lord & Savior…


I came before you on your passing day to give you one last chance. You turned your back on me, again. You turned away my love. Now, I’ve released your soul & it is no longer mine. You now belong to the one you’ve worshipped all these many years and once you enter his domain, your cries will no longer be heard by me, your presence will no longer be felt by me & your pleas to me will remain unanswered. But know this my precious child; this pains me far more than it ever can you, for each of you is my child, created from my love & a piece of me is with you, forever. It is my failure that I could not save you & I will wear this as a stain, forever. Know that I will always love you, for you are my child, always and forever. Goodbye, my child. May your soul find that which it seeks.” 


As I felt his presence fade from my mind, tears poured down my face as my screams of pain turned to cries for Him to save me, “Please Lord! Please! I made a mistake! I was tricked! I didn’t know the truth! I now know that you are my Lord! Please. Please don’t leave me hear like this! I beg of you! I BEG OF YOU!”


My pleas were again interrupted by that deep baritone laughter & as I looked to him, with a smirk on his face he said, “He never hid the truth from you, not any of you. You humans, always thinking you can do what you want no matter how awful & that you deserve forgiveness? That’s what I’ve never understood about Father; He let’s His children do whatever they want, to whomever they want, ‘free will’ and all,” he said using air quotes for emphasis, “but you think you can say sorry & it all goes away, the slate is wiped clean. Well, it didn’t work for me, what makes you think you’re so special? An inferior being, yet He forgives YOU, but not ME! As you humans are quite fond of saying, you made your bed, do lie down in it; quit your crying and own up to what you’ve reaped!” 


With that, he dug his clawed hand further into his shoulder, eliciting another scream, as blood poured down his chest & he pulled him to his feet. The last sight he had was that of his reflection in the mirror, Lucifer standing at his side, his clawed fingers dug deep into his shoulder, coated in blood. After that, he knew no more. Nothing but pain & terror, that is. That was now his existence, his constant companion other than the demons who regularly lumbered over to where he was hanging; especially when he cried out for the Lord, hoping, praying He could hear him, would answer him, regardless of what was said. He couldn’t accept THIS was his existence, he just couldn’t. But, all he received in response was the twisted laughter of Lucifer’s demons as they tore at & rendered his flesh to mush, only to let him heal & do it all over again. 


His  life is hell. He is in Hell. There is no end to his story, as each time they kill him, they bring him back to life and repeat it all over again. If only he’d taken a different path. If only. If only. IF ONLY. All he had to do was ask the Lord for His forgiveness & accept Him & his Lord & Savior. That would have been the start on a different path. A path that would have led him directly out of Hell. 


But, he chose this path & is now trapped in s cell with no key to open this door, no second chances given to walk another path. This is his existence. If only. IF ONLY. What’s ironic is all those years, decades, he had to find & accept Jesus as his Lord & Savior & he turned his back on Him. He not only turned his back on Him, he hurt intentionally hurt everything important to him & insulted Him in all ways possible.  Yet it took being condemned to Hell to accept his Lord & Savior. 


Do, as his last conscious thought, he relays an important message…don’t make the mistakes I did. Learn the truth before it’s too late least you find yourself on  one of the many hanging hooks beside me. And trust me when I say, they have en endless supply of them & endless ways in which to cause you pain & terror. Turn to God. Jesus is love. Lucifer is lies, deception & hatred. Guaranteed.

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