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May 28, 2013

A note of gratitude

I wanted to take a moment to briefly thank an individual who has been a huge support to me during the last months.  She worked with me, in a professional capacity, but has become so much more.
To start, her name is Rae Monet.  She was, at one time not long ago, a Romance Author.  She has taken her skills of this trade and now applies them to another; working in support of Authors, such as myself, to design websites that speak not only for the Author, but display who the Author is and what their work represents to them.
Rae Monet with her adopted wolf, Wana Chikal
I met Rae through a referral from another favorite person of mine, Paranormal Romance Author J.K. Coi - I heart me some J.K!  During one of our many conversations, I asked her who designed her website because I loved the design.  www.jkcoi.com  She told me of Rae, who I then performed an internet search on, examined all of her work, and contacted her.
She has been a dream to work with from day one.  I felt an instant kinship with her, like you would your best girlfriend - you know....the one who is willing to tell you the green dress makes you look fat, but loving enough to immediately buffer the blow by handing you the black one with a smile on her face?  Yeah.  We instantly struck up a lengthy conversation and it took me no time at all to hire her to design my first Author website.
Through the entire process, which is very detailed, she has always been a wonderful support.  Never tiring of patience, even when I likely asked her to move something one too many times! =)  The end results?  To say I was stunned would be mild - I was absolutely in love!  She, and her wonderful partner, managed to take ideas of mine and create something stunningly beautiful, tailored just to me, and a place I felt would be my home for years to come.  A place where I would proudly display my work, a place where people could learn about me and what I do.
Wolf Mountain Sanctuary
Lucerne Valley, CA.
As if this is not enough, she has always been there for me as a wonderful support.  Whether I simply needed to run an idea past someone "in the know," sought knowledge, or simply to chat about a new experience, she has always come through.  Like I said earlier, she treats you as if you are a long lost friend.
So far, while my experience may be limited in the publishing industry, I am learning there are wonderful individuals about - Rae Monet is one such individual.  Not only would I highly recommend her to anyone needing website, blog or the like, work/design, I would stand by her as a personal reference as well.   Without question.  Without delay.
In this world, there are far too few people such as Rae.  The ones who are deserve any and all recognition they can be afforded - professionally as well as personally.  A flower arrangement saying my thanks and appreciation seems meager in light of all she has done for me, the positive impact she has reflected in my life. 
Unfortunately, at this time, flowers, along with my friendship, loyalty and words of praise are all I have to offer.
If you are seeking someone to design an amazing website (or blog, etc.), or know someone who is, I can place no higher recommendation than Rae Monet. 
I have placed her contact information below.  If you visit her website, you will see examples of many of the websites she and her team have built and designed.  They are truly a work of art and trust me when I tell you, she more than earns every penny and then some!!
Thank you Rae.  You are a gem!
With Warm Regards,
Shelbie Knight =)
For examples of her work, or to contact her:
Rae Monet Inc.
To see my website, designed by Rae:
And of course, the blog you are currently reading:

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  1. I'm really happy for you and I wish the best of luck to you!