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November 19, 2013

It just amazes me that people will not stand ground when it's needed!!  I am so angry right now...I had to visit my blog, getting all the details out of my head, as writers are wont to do, but in short, I took my very sick cat to a local vet and received poor care.  They performed an x-ray on her, for whatever reason, long before blood work or other diagnostics.  The doctor told me to go home, wait for her call on the results of the x-ray.  Meanwhile, my cat was getting sicker and sicker by the minutes.
I called, telling the vet she was going downhill and fast, only to have them tell me to "wait for the radiologist report," which was supposed to be in by 5pm that day.  Well, the NEXT day there was still nothing and I had a cat who was so sick, she wouldn't even stand to use the box.
Instead of wait longer, watching my cat crash before me, my Mom and I started running searches of local animal hospitals, looking for one which was rated good.  I didn't want to put her through more tests than was necessary, or risk taking her to another quack.  Literally.  Perrinville Animal Hospital was the one we were referred to.
Upon first calling, I explained the situation, had a very sick cat, x-rays done at other clinic, getting worse, etc.  They told me to bring her in asap, which I did.  Upon exam, the vet at Perrinville told me (and my Mom who went with me for support, after all Mushy is my furry baby), she was very sick (obvious) and she was worried about her not eating especially.  
Apparently, fat cats (yes, she's fluffy) when ill and stop eating, can go into a syndrome known as "fatty liver syndrome."  New one on me.  Never knew.  After discussing her treatment plan with Dr. Rehberger, I specifically asked her if she would have selected to perform an x-ray in this case.  She told me - point blank - she saw "no reason to perform an x-ray."  Instead, she did (what I thought would have been routine) blood work, fluids, etc. 
Now, to current, the first clinic is sending me a huge radiologist bill, and I am disputing it through my bank. My bank needs a letter from Dr. Rehberger stating she would not have selected x-ray as a first-line treatment...would she?  
Nope.  I wasn't asking anything extreme of her - simply her medical opinion.  Would you have performed an x-ray in this case?  Of course, she wouldn't even call me personally to tell me, but had her office staff make the call.  It's great to be wonderful to animals, but what about people? I've just had it with people's unwillingness to stand up for what's right.
I understand a vet not wanting to be pit against another, after all the whole price-fixed system works for a reason, but I wasn't asking this.  I was asking for a basic letter, to my BANK (not even listing the name of the other vet) stating she would not have chose x-ray for my putty-tats treatment.
Worse?  She passed along, through her office staff, that she didn't even remember me mentioning another clinic, an x-ray, etc.  Way to try and back out of it completely.  Funny how she didn't "remember" anything about their being another clinic, or an x-ray performed there, yet she wouldn't write a simple letter of treatment for me?  Hmmm.  Seems strange to have a problem, writing a letter saying "No, I would not have used x-ray as part of this feline's treatment program."  Doesn't it?
I am so tired of the whole, damned thing!  People out there want others to stand in their corner, stand for what is JUST AND RIGHT, but they are not willing to do the same.  How, can the world we live in, possibly improve when people treat others as nothing more than an object?  Something to take what you need from, but never to give.
Fortunately for me, I kept all of her original paperwork, including the original proposed treatment plan she gave me, which had no where on it the words X-RAY.  So, she doesn't want to stand up for what's right?  Fine.  I will use her treatment plan.  After all, wouldn't you say if she had planned, or thought an x-ray was part of a normal treatment plan, that she would have put it on the proposed treatment plan?  But, guess what?  It's not there!
Sadly, my opinion of the clinic has now changed.  While they did wonderful with my cat, they failed on all fronts with the people.  I need someone who can do both.  Maybe I am asking too much?  Maybe there isn't the magic, wonderful vet out there who can work with both animals and people successfully?  
I am reminded of what one of my best friends told me, when our daughter's were in Kindergarten...the teachers are so incredible, dealing with these young children, but when they have a parent in front of them, having to work with them one-on-one, SOME of them simply crash and burn.  They have become so accustomed to dealing with one specific subset, they cannot transition to another.
Is that the case here?  I am saddened so, because we had a wonderful vet.  We trusted his care and he was great dealing with us of the two-legged variety as well.  That was another lovely surprise I had when taking my cat to the first clinic.  I didn't find out it had been 1)sold 2)changed completely 3)prices raised 4)completely different vet until I walked in the damned door.  
Now you tell me?  Bait and switch?  They still answered the phone (the old clinic's) name...until I made a comment on them baiting people in...the next call I placed to them (2 hours later seeking friggen x-ray reports), they were suddenly answering the phone using their new name.
Now, Perrinville Animal Hospital has lost my faith in honesty as well.  After all, if it is more important for the doctor to NOT write the letter for me, thus helping the other clinic, what does this say to me about where their priorities lay?  Money.  
I know people...we all need money, but honestly forsaken for money?  I have NO respect for anyone who would forsake their honor for a dollar.  NONE.
Jesus people!  Be honest!  Stand for what's right, not just what will save your ass!
Thanks for reading my rant!  I was just so damned pissed, I had to have an outlet.  Plus, there was no way I was getting back to work on my novel with this rattling around in my head.  Here I am, writing a novel about alpha-dragons and all I can think of are fluffy, notice I said fluffy, not fat, putty tats.  =)
Notice to business' out there - social media is a monster of a tool, whether it be used for positive, or negative means.  Take it seriously.  If you listen to your customers, the consumers, who keep you in business to begin with, you will never meet the wrath of a pissed off blogger!
In ending, I am thankful for many things, one of which comes to mind in this situation - I can honestly say I have never intentionally let someone down who needed/sought out my assistance.  
Can you say the same?  
Sadly, I've learned, not many can.

November 11, 2013

Hello everyone!
News, news, news...well, let's see here.  I will be quick and short today, as I have a deadline on time...but here is where the status stands with my current work.
Loving the CEO was completed (YEAH!) and turned in to my Editor on September 15th with a word count of 68,653.  Due to some delays, I am not expecting first edits back for another couple of weeks, but I am thrilled!  I am hoping to have everything done, ready to go for publishing, by the end of December.  Crossing my fingers for sooner...but you know how that goes...out of my hands.  I am also excited to have a cover design in the making, and hopefully soon, available for everyone!
Of course, once Loving the CEO was done, I went right into my next project, Rising Dragon.  I am just as excited about this novel, as this will be another first - my first supernatural!  I have a target word count of 80-100k, but knowing me...yeah, let's just say I hope to stay under 100k.  My deadline for Rising Dragon is January 15th, but I hope to have it completed, and to my Editor, by the end of December.  I have so much occurring from the end of December through mid-January...
My current word count is 28.080 as of today, this minute!  It's coming along, but has taken me a bit longer than normal as I had to basically start over.
What do I mean by start over?  Well, here's what happened, in time sequence.  When I first set out to dedicate myself full-time to writing, I started with Rising Dragon.  Then, along came a spider who offered me a place in their Anthology for a Contemporary Romance piece.  Of course, I put aside Rising Dragon and began work on Loving the CEO.  
Unfortunately, I learned (and quickly) that I simply cannot write a 5k story, which was the max for the Anthology, so I scrapped the idea of joining.  But, by that time, I was so into Loving the CEO, I had to finish.  
As I was working on Loving the CEO, I received contact from Tina Engler (aka Jaid Black), CEO of Ellora's Cave, asking for a sample of my writing.  Well...since I was well into Loving the CEO, I tightened up the first ten pages and sent them off to her...with a prayer in the wind.
A week later, I received an acceptance from Tina, as well as an offer for a five-book contract!  Whoop!  So, I contracted Loving the CEO, Rising Dragon, and three others.  I know...I said I would make this short, but see what I mean about keeping under 100k?  My brain thinks small, but loves the danged words...the more the better!
Okay, so back around full circle.  Since Loving the CEO was the writing sample I sent to Tina, I contracted it with Ellora's Cave, finished writing it and away she went to my lovely Editor, Kelli Collins.
Right about the time of my deadline for Loving the CEO, Kelli was reverting in her role from EIC to Chief Editor, as well as undertaking a huge move.  Thus the delay.
Now, back to Rising Dragon...in the process of writing Loving the CEO, I learned a lot about my writing style.  A huge amount (and I haven't even received first edits back, which I know I will learn more each time).  So, when I picked up Rising Dragon, which I had to 25k when I originally put it aside and started reading over it...yeah.
So, I started from word one, page one, going over each of the 25k words, the sentences, the paragraphs, the story structure, the character introduction and development, etc.  Everything you do to write a novel.  If I had not done this, I would likely almost be done with Rising Dragon, however I wanted this, my first supernatural, to be as tight as I could get it.
As I read through, correcting this and that, changing an area here, a character action there, I found a lot of areas where there were items I just didn't like - I didn't like the flow, the direction, etc.  Thus, why it has taken me so long to get where I am now.  Plus...I forgot to mention...after I turned in Loving the CEO, I took a wee break (of three weeks) before I even sat down to Rising Dragon!
I imagine, if I was a chicka with no kiddos, my writing would be so much faster.  After all, no disruptions...yeah, but not in my house.
In ending, thank you all for your support!  I am hard at work on Rising Dragon, waiting for returned edits on Loving the CEO and have much more in the future planned!  =)
I wish each of you a wonderful day, a beautiful week and I hope, whatever your dreams and goals may be, you achieve each of them.
Shelbie  =)