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December 8, 2014

Review: Furious Fire (Grimm's Circle #8) by Shiloh Walker

Furious Fire (Grimm's Circle, #8)Furious Fire by Shiloh Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've been thinking about this review for over a week, conflicted on how exactly to proceed. There's so much happening, as the series comes to an end, with a lot of questions finally answered, and, naturally, even more questions created, just teasing us, waiting to be answered in the final book.

In writing the review, the issue I faced was not a problem with the story, the plot or the characters. Rather, I was seeking a way to tell you how incredible Furious Fire is without giving anything away. It really is good enough that I don't want to spoil even a bit of it for those who have yet to read Furious Fire. And what an apt title that is!

So, I decided that a summary would work best, giving not a lot more than what you could read in a blurb.

Thomas Finn has been casting about for quite a while and he's always been an intriguing and mysterious, his identity the one thing I had yet to define. It turns out that, out of all of the ideas that ran through my feeble mind, I was never even close. Shiloh pulled a good trick on me on this one; it's not very often that I am so far off-base regarding a character - and there is nothing more thrilling, as a reader, than having the hood pulled over you.

Sadly, Finn is, mentally, on his last legs. He is filled with all-consuming anger and guilt over the loss of his beloved Rebecca, carrying it around with him like over-stuffed luggage ready to burst. Star-crossed lovers they are, but Finn and Rebecca's story is not over yet. Only Finn doesn't know this - yet.

Kalypso has lived several times since she was last Rebecca. During each of her incarnations, her soul is compelled to find Finn, which only leads to a never-ending loop of disaster; within hours, days or weeks after finding Finn, she dies. Repeatedly.

Finn and Kalypso's story is told in a series of memories, in both first and third POV (point of view). Their story unfolds beautifully, naturally and the flashbacks draw you further into their past, present and future. Shiloh is masterful in her creation of their story and never once did I get lost during the transition from past to present. It's that well written.

In the end, we finally learn what occurred that tore these star-crossed lovers apart and how the events set them on they journey...and who Finn really is...or was. No, I'm not saying more - you have to read Furious Fire to find out! =)

And, as if the evolution of their story is not enough, the Grimm is very busy; demons are getting bolder and, while one Warrior's gifts evolve, another has to make the supreme sacrifice. Woooo! *cue titillating music*

That is really all I can say about the story without giving away too much. If you haven't had the opportunity to read this series, I highly recommend it. Even if you don't want to start at the beginning of the series, this book can easily, and enjoyably, be read as a stand-alone.

While I am looking forward to the wrap of this series, simply so I can have all of my questions answered once and for all, I will miss it greatly.

Grimm's Circle is masterfully created and written - Highly Recommend!

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