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September 20, 2014

Review: A Very Levet Christmas (Guardians of Eternity #11.5) by Alexandra Ivy

A Very Levet Christmas 
(Guardians of Eternity #11.5)
by Alexandra Ivy

Genre: Paranormal Romance
e-book, 77 pages
Expected publication: September 30th 2014 by Zebra

Rating: 5 of 5 stars - Recommended Read!


A gargoyle of Levet’s charm and intelligence should not be facing a solitary Christmas. True, he may appear a little unconventional—not to mention unconventionally little—even for a gargoyle. 

But what Levet lacks in height he makes up for in loyalty, and being banned from the festivities surrounding the Queen of Weres’ new pups is quite unfair. So when a beautiful Christmas angel begs for help in fulfilling her duties, Levet has nothing better to do than agree. 

Armed with a magical wand, Levet confronts Damon, a pureblood Were intent on seizing the throne. Challenging the King will put the pups at risk—and drive away Damon’s potential mate, Gia. Who better to convince Damon to choose love, not war, than a gargoyle expert in amour? With a little magic, and a lot of Levet, this may yet be a truly wonderful Christmastime…


(I was provided an advance copy of A Very Levet Christmas in exchange for an honest review.)

A wonderful story, with the main character being our most beloved, disastrous gargoyle, Levet.

As to be expected, Alexandra instantly ensnares the reader in her story, brining them along on her adventure, filled with challenges, love and, anytime Levet is involved, disasters and humor abound!

I have been very anxious to "see" Harley & Salvatore's pups, so it was nice that was an added addition in this story (but I still want more). This was a perfect story for Levet, who always loves being the Knight-in-shinning-armor; starting out with him feeling shunned, then (hysterically) running into a damsel in distress, which he is now smart enough to be leery of but is too big of heart to ignore, and after a few typical Levet disasters, TA-DA! hero time again for Levet!

The story may be short, but it's impact is no less powerful, bringing me through a full range of emotions from start to finish. I went from feeling sad for Levet, to laughing at his suspicions and disasters (love the pointed tail as he's whisked from one place to another!), to feeling warmth of heart at his basic HUMAN need to be loved and accepted. He may be all gargoyle, but he's all heart - not a mean bone resides in his body. This shows how talented Alexandra a Ivy really is; it's hard to design a character that EVERYBODY loves, but I have no doubt that she has done this with Levet.

I love Levet - how could I not love A Very Levet Christmas!

A perfect story to bring us into the holiday season! I would highly recommend this novella!

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