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December 8, 2014

Review: Her Lone Wolf by Paige Tyler

Her Lone Wolf (X-Ops, #2)Her Lone Wolf by Paige Tyler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**I was provided a complimentary copy of Her Lone Wolf in exchange for my honest review.**

I love how the paranormal aspects blended beautifully with the romantic suspense. The shifters and evil doctors, along with all of their plans, set the stage for a suspenseful story with world-building at an all-time high. I felt as if I was living through the story, rather than simply reading along with it.

Clayne Buchanan was not very likable in the first book in the series. However, we're now given the chance to find out why; with his past - losing both his partner and lover two years ago - and the DCO, his already rough demeanor only gets rougher as he is forced into a situation he clearly wants nothing to do with.

With Danica never wanting to walk away from Clayne, but having felt as if she had no choice, she realizes that her feelings for him are just as strong as before, but that she has to put those feelings aside for the case. There is only one priority - stopping the killer.

I enjoyed Clayne and Danica chemistry from the start, cheering for them as they repeatedly faced challenges, and the revelation at the end of the book leaves the reader chomping at the bit, anxious for the next book in the series!

Highly recommend!

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