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December 8, 2014

Review: Generation 18 (Spook Squad #2) by Keri Arthur

Generation 18 (Spook Squad, #2)Generation 18 by Keri Arthur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**I was provided a complimentary copy of Generation 18 in exchange for my honest review.**

This, the second book in the series, picks up right where Memory Zero left off; Sam is partnered with the reluctant Gabriel, who is doing his best to make the partnership as boring as possible, hoping that she will get tired of it all and request a transfer. Unfortunately for Gabriel, she's not going down easy. Their banter and power plays are enjoyable, especially since she usually wins with her brains, strength and determination alone. She is a strong female character with a solid foundation.

Meanwhile, Sam is developing some interesting powers. There are many unknowns in her life and she has few answers to her questions; her dreams lead her to a mysterious man, who seems to have all the answers she seeks, but is only interested in playing games with her. Like everything else, she knows the knowledge is there, that she is on the cusp, but it remains forever out of her reach.

Gabriel, the self-imposed loner, wants nothing to do with another partner. Having to watch them die...he's just had enough. He will not allow his feelings to be exposed, ever vigilant to keep them under a visage of indifference. But when his family is endangered, we see a crack in his shell, seeing a bit of the inner core of Gabriel.

During the story Sam is attacked by an angry budgie. Yes, a budgie, or commonly known as a parakeet. It was hysterical! And the vision was also entertaining! On the reverse side, there are intense attacks scenes and, as every good Keri Arthur novel can attest to, perfectly built bad guys. =)

I enjoyed this story as much, if not more, than the first book. As we come closer to the answers, distance seems to build for any romance. It makes me wonder where the author will take book three in the series.

A change of pace, story-wise, from what I am used to reading from Keri Arthur, but there is no doubt what is similar - her ability to build a strong foundation that supports the story and characters built upon it.

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