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July 29, 2013


I would like to start by thanking everyone who visited my blog.  The turnout was wonderful, and so much more than I expected!  The excitement generated by people was infectious, drawing me along on an all together different, but amazing ride!
I would also like to thank Silverwood Theme Park, who without their support, none of this would have been possible.  Over the last several weeks, I have worked with some of the most amazing people in any industry, and I am thrilled knowing even though my blog contest is over, I have made some truly amazing friends.  
Now, since everyone wants to know the names, without delaying further, I will list them in randomly drawn order.  If you see your name here, please contact me at shelbie@shelbieknight.com and provide me with your mailing address.  I will be mailing your tickets out this week, so you can have them to schedule your time at Silverwood Theme Park as soon as possible.
Drawing winners:
  1. Shaina Bretthauer (CLAIMED)
  2. Serena Adkins  (CLAIMED)
  3. Kelsey Nash  (CLAIMED)
  4. Nathaniel Broden (CLAIMED)
  5. Josee Lewis (CLAIMED)
CONGRATS to each of you on your winning draw!  I hope you have a wonderful time when you visit Silverwood Theme Park - and I would love if each of you, during your visit, would take a picture of you and your guest next to your favorite ride, event, etc. and email it to me. I will be putting together a follow-up posting with all of your pictures, once I receive them.  If you feel uncomfortable showing yourself, and your guest, in the photo, a picture (or pictures) of your favorite time at Silverwood would be wonderful!  It helps make it possible for me to do wonderful giveaways like this in the future.
Again, thank you so very much to everyone who entered!  With the amazing amount of entries I received, I can see there are so many people who would love to visit Silverwood Theme Park - so, on that note, remember the newly opened contests!  You can read about them in my blog post below.  Silverwood just started two new contests, with the prize being free tickets, so don't despair if you didn't win here.....JUST SCROLL DOWN TO THE NEXT BLOG ENTRY FOR MORE CHANCES TO WIN!!
Thanks again!
Big Hugs,
Shelbie  =)
PS...Thanks Jordan!  You're a doll!  =)

UPDATE:  All of the Silverwood Theme Park winners have claimed their tickets!  CONGRATS to all of you, have a wonderful time! Remember to peek back and my blog now and then, and pay attention for announcements on Facebook and Twitter, as I do drawings frequently!

Thanks again to Silverwood Theme Park for their never-ending support, and to Jordan specifically.  It was my pleasure to team up with Silverwood, and I hope we can do it again in the future!  =)

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