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September 20, 2014

Review: Out of Control (The Sentinels #0.5) by Alexandra Ivy

Out of Control
(The Sentinels #0.5)
by Alexandra Ivy

Genre: Paranormal Romance
e-book, 109 pages
Expected publication: October 28th 2014 by Zebra Books
Previously Published: January 1, 2013, Predatory

Rating: 4 of 5 stars


New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Ivy quenches your thirst for illicit desire with this seductive tale of the Sentinels—outcast humans with the ability to tread the line between life and death—and pleasure and pain…

Ph.D student Angela Locke has a crush on her sexy professor, Dr. Nikolo Bartrev. When she learns he’s actually a Sentinel with extraordinary powers, she joins forces with him to catch a psychopath. But soon, their hottest pursuit is of each other...


(I was provided an advance copy of Out of Control in return for an honest review.)

I didn't realize that this was the same novella as was in Predatory, but was quickly reminded once I started reading. However, this was one of the novellas that I really enjoyed in Predatory, so it was a pleasure to read it again. I find myself quickly falling for this new series; supernatural alpha-males do it for me every time!

Alexandra has a masterful quality to her storytelling, enabling the reader to journey with her into her world, bonding with her characters - or hating them - whichever she has devised. I have no doubt that The Sentinels series will hold the same weight as her other work has. This is just the beginning, and already, I am ensnared, anxiously awaiting the next in the series.

Predatory (original) Review:

A real mixed bag for me. While reading this group of Novellas, I had an experience I can honestly say was a first for me. One minute, I was reading a Novella I loved and the next not. It was a strange reading experience, to say the least. 

I'm not sure if it was simply a few of the stories weren't my cup of tea, or the Authors together didn't work for me. 

Summing it up? Two of the Novellas I loved. One I liked. One I could have done without. A hard review for me to give, putting it mildly, as I respect all of these Authors and, an Author myself, I know the challenges and work which go into creating a story. But, I have to be honest. I will not say which was which, letting you read the Novellas and make your own decision. Enjoy!

Note: One of the novellas that I spoke of loving above, was Out of Control!

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