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July 16, 2014


Howdy everyone!
I know, it's been a while since I've hit the pages of my own blog, and while I promised to do better, so far I've failed. =( 
So, I have come to a decision, one that should make activity steam on my blog more regular, as well as keeping everyone updated.
As some, if not all, of you may know, I am part of a group of Authors called The Decadent Divas. Our goal in coming together was not only to support one another, and our work, but to introduce readers to other Authors. Writing can, and is, a lonesome profession at times; the days go by without so much as a hint of communication, other than written. Heck, there are times when, if I didn't see my daughter scramble down the hall, I would think I've dropped into an alternate reality!
So, back to The Decadent Divas...
Each of us has several days a month that are our times to blog. While I've always posted my blog interviews, I've never thought to bring them here, to my blog as well. 
For those of you who read both blogs, the postings will be duplicate for you. But for those who don't...
My thinking is that by bringing my DD postings here, not only will all of my blog followers have the opportunity to read them, but it will also keep me in touch with my blog, reminding me that I too have a blog and that I must write on it! =) Brilliant, right? He-he! =)

Now for the updates with my work...
Due to changes with (the Editor) I was working with, I have made the decision to re-edit Loving the CEO. There were simply too many changes for my liking and the story was, in my opinion, corrupted. LtC was originally written as a Contemporary Romance - during editing, this changed, along with many aspects of the story. I have made the painful decision to start from the first page, editing line-by-line, cutting out major areas (that didn't add to the progress of the story) and adding ones that did. Plus, I am currently dealing with a 130k MS and I want to get it below 100k. Cut, cut, cut!
In between editing Loving the CEO I am still plotting, planning and writing Rising Dragon. I can't wait for the moment when I am able to focus, one hundred percent, on this MS! I have so much going on in this story, I really think it will be one that readers will love - that is, I hope! =)

Also, in relation to work, after much trouble with my (new) PC, I decided to dump it and purchased a new, huge, Apple computer! It's my first time working on a Apple computer, so the change has been quite drastic, but I'm learning.
While I was at it, I decided to also purchase a Apple laptop. It was distracting enough learning a new system, but bouncing back and forth from PC to Apple? Yeah. Not.

On the home front...
The kids are home from school, or I should say one is. Our son graduated from high school and dove straight into the workforce. Money is an amazing instigator! We purchased his car, pay for his insurance, etc., but he decided he needed money to "trick it out." Little does he know yet, but if he can spend money "tricking" his car out, I've got an insurance bill here...
Our daughter finished her seventh grade with a bang! She's a smart one. Sadly, she can't seem to get over the desire to propagate my house with animals and, as I sit here writing this, her hamster cage just filled with God-only-knows how many babies! ARGH! I feel like ripping my hair out! But, hey, the good thing is that she is making a little business for herself, selling her hamsters. Good grief! What is it with our children and money?
Mr. Shelbie is working hard, as always, God Bless his heart. In September, we will celebrate twenty years of marriage. Holy *edited*! I can't decide if I should thank him for all of the wonderful years, or if I should fall to the ground and kiss his feet. LOL! Thinking that I've spent, oh twenty years married, then another six dating...wow. That equates to over half of my lifetime spent with this one man. Dang. He must be something special. =)

That's it for now! I hope everyone is having a beautiful summer and keep an eye out - blogs coming! 
My first DD blog/crossover will be introducing a new release by fellow Diva, Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York. Watch my blog on July 23rd for the details on her new release!
Have a super week!
Shelbie =)

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