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November 11, 2013

Hello everyone!
News, news, news...well, let's see here.  I will be quick and short today, as I have a deadline on time...but here is where the status stands with my current work.
Loving the CEO was completed (YEAH!) and turned in to my Editor on September 15th with a word count of 68,653.  Due to some delays, I am not expecting first edits back for another couple of weeks, but I am thrilled!  I am hoping to have everything done, ready to go for publishing, by the end of December.  Crossing my fingers for sooner...but you know how that goes...out of my hands.  I am also excited to have a cover design in the making, and hopefully soon, available for everyone!
Of course, once Loving the CEO was done, I went right into my next project, Rising Dragon.  I am just as excited about this novel, as this will be another first - my first supernatural!  I have a target word count of 80-100k, but knowing me...yeah, let's just say I hope to stay under 100k.  My deadline for Rising Dragon is January 15th, but I hope to have it completed, and to my Editor, by the end of December.  I have so much occurring from the end of December through mid-January...
My current word count is 28.080 as of today, this minute!  It's coming along, but has taken me a bit longer than normal as I had to basically start over.
What do I mean by start over?  Well, here's what happened, in time sequence.  When I first set out to dedicate myself full-time to writing, I started with Rising Dragon.  Then, along came a spider who offered me a place in their Anthology for a Contemporary Romance piece.  Of course, I put aside Rising Dragon and began work on Loving the CEO.  
Unfortunately, I learned (and quickly) that I simply cannot write a 5k story, which was the max for the Anthology, so I scrapped the idea of joining.  But, by that time, I was so into Loving the CEO, I had to finish.  
As I was working on Loving the CEO, I received contact from Tina Engler (aka Jaid Black), CEO of Ellora's Cave, asking for a sample of my writing.  Well...since I was well into Loving the CEO, I tightened up the first ten pages and sent them off to her...with a prayer in the wind.
A week later, I received an acceptance from Tina, as well as an offer for a five-book contract!  Whoop!  So, I contracted Loving the CEO, Rising Dragon, and three others.  I know...I said I would make this short, but see what I mean about keeping under 100k?  My brain thinks small, but loves the danged words...the more the better!
Okay, so back around full circle.  Since Loving the CEO was the writing sample I sent to Tina, I contracted it with Ellora's Cave, finished writing it and away she went to my lovely Editor, Kelli Collins.
Right about the time of my deadline for Loving the CEO, Kelli was reverting in her role from EIC to Chief Editor, as well as undertaking a huge move.  Thus the delay.
Now, back to Rising Dragon...in the process of writing Loving the CEO, I learned a lot about my writing style.  A huge amount (and I haven't even received first edits back, which I know I will learn more each time).  So, when I picked up Rising Dragon, which I had to 25k when I originally put it aside and started reading over it...yeah.
So, I started from word one, page one, going over each of the 25k words, the sentences, the paragraphs, the story structure, the character introduction and development, etc.  Everything you do to write a novel.  If I had not done this, I would likely almost be done with Rising Dragon, however I wanted this, my first supernatural, to be as tight as I could get it.
As I read through, correcting this and that, changing an area here, a character action there, I found a lot of areas where there were items I just didn't like - I didn't like the flow, the direction, etc.  Thus, why it has taken me so long to get where I am now.  Plus...I forgot to mention...after I turned in Loving the CEO, I took a wee break (of three weeks) before I even sat down to Rising Dragon!
I imagine, if I was a chicka with no kiddos, my writing would be so much faster.  After all, no disruptions...yeah, but not in my house.
In ending, thank you all for your support!  I am hard at work on Rising Dragon, waiting for returned edits on Loving the CEO and have much more in the future planned!  =)
I wish each of you a wonderful day, a beautiful week and I hope, whatever your dreams and goals may be, you achieve each of them.
Shelbie  =)

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  1. Hey Shelbie! Thank you for the update and congratulations again on your EC contract. You're going to have to tell me the story on that.
    Regarding your writing process. Another writer told me that each book is different and she's always learning something new with each book.
    Keep up the good work. -Evie!