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May 21, 2013


Many of you who follow my blog will remember yesterday, how excited I was, how excited my kids were.  Things should have been handled far differently then they were; this angers me more than anything!
I understand a "free contest" is exactly this, it goes without saying.  But, if you consider the circumstances, and watch the video I took, then I am sure you can see my outrage - on behalf of my children.
Yesterday, less than an hour after this announcement, I called Q13 FOX, our local channel that ran the contest.  A very nice young lady answered the phone and I explained to her that my name was announced as the winner, and I wanted to confirm it.  She asked for my information, name, numbers and address, telling me she would pass it along to a Producer and have them call me.  I never heard from a soul.  
This alone should have worried me, and it did somewhat, but through the excitement (it's been YEARS since I have taken a vacation with my kids - YEARS!!), I thought it was possible they were simply busy.
Today, when I still had not heard from anyone at Q13 FOX, I called again, speaking to the same lady I did yesterday.  I told her I still had not heard from anyone.  Her response was "they told me they were going to call you, that's strange", and she guaranteed she would again get the message through and have someone call.  Still nothing.
So, today my Son came in (both of my kids have been harassing me since, wanting to start planning our "vacation." Yeah.  Sorry kiddos.) and again asked me "Mom, have you heard from them yet?"  This was at 2pm PST.  I responded that I had not, picked up the phone and called Q13FOX again.  
This time a man answered.  I explained the situation to him.  He told me he would have someone call me; little did I know the news I would be receiving within mere minutes, or how it would effectively crush my kids.
He called me back approximately 10 minutes later, telling me it was someone else, with the same name, living in the same city, who won, sorry.  You're kidding me, right?!  I have been calling for two friggen days, my kids are beyond excited to FINALLY get to go on a vacation with Mom & Dad...and you are "sorry."
When I told him this, and explained how much I had pursued this, all it would have taken was one damned call - just one friggen call, that would last all of two seconds - to inform me I was not the winner...his response?  "What did you think that you are the only Kimberly in Lynnwood?"  WTF?  I am sure you can imagine my response to that.
I told him he could come here now, tell my children our Family was not the ones that won, some other person, again same name, same city, won.  Yeah.  As if THAT will make it all right in the end.
So, I place this video here for you to see.  I give you the details of exactly what occurred.  Do you think that Q13, once they realized I was calling claiming the same prize, should have taken all of two damned minutes to call and inform me different?  Two days.  They never called.  I had to pursue them.  Shame on you Q13FOX.  If any of you have kids - come to my house tonight.  Look into my children's faces.  Because of Mom pursuing her writing career, there has been no extra anything, let alone for vacations!  This was, and is no longer, the win of a lifetime for my Family.  A Family that desperately needed time away, time together, time to bond once again.
So much for Silverwood Theme Park - they have no idea the storm raging, to no fault of their own.  They simply gave away a neat vacation.
And to the "correct" person that won, with the same name, living in the same city, I say "Have a blast!  I sincerely hope you and your Family have a lovely time." =)
Thank you for your time everyone!  Thanks for coming to my blog to read, to listen, to support, to...just be.  
Big Hugs,
Shelbie =)
Q13FOX:  http://q13fox.com/   Twitter:  @Q13FOXSeattle
Silverwood Theme Park:  http://www.silverwoodthemepark.com/  Twitter:  @Silverwood4Fun

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  1. Wow, I am so sorry this happened. Sounds kind of fishy though. I would insist on seeing a picture of winner though. Google the name and city & see if you find another with same name and same city.